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Posted by Coroflot  |  17 Dec 2014

Work for Karten Design!

Karten Design is an award-winning product innovation consultancy located in Marina del Rey, CA. Their team comprises a talented group of designers, researchers, strategists, and engineers all passionate about creating positive experiences between people and products. Mechanical Engineers are the most critical team members in product development and act as champions of great design in function, aesthetics, quality and efficiency. They currently have an opening for a talented and proactive Junior Mechanical Engineer.

This position is focused on solving functional problems, creating multiple solutions, and developing product concepts via 3D and 2D documentation as needed to move a product successfully through development. If you have hands-on assembly or fabrication experience, that's a huge plus. To join this team and enjoy all the perks of a cubicle-free environment and working in Southern California, Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  16 Dec 2014

Work for squareone!

squareone approaches design as an elaborate process of research, conception, aesthetics and initial engineering. Their key activities focus on the design of consumer and investment goods. They are looking for ambitious, self-reliant students with a distinctive creative potential who offer profound knowledge of software such as SolidWorks and Adobe CreativeSuite. How would you like to work in Dusseldorf, Germany?

You'll be working on a variety of interesting projects with deep involvement into each part of our design process as well as extensive insights into a dynamic design environment. If you are already hooked and can't wait to start working with great creative people on meaningful projects please send them your portfolio with a selection of your most convincing works. Apply Now!

Posted by Coroflot  |  15 Dec 2014  |  Comments (0)


On December 10th, we braved some less than appealing weather to gather at the historical Cooper Union for an exploration of design progress and innovation. This was the fourth edition of the Designing Innovation series presented by Ford and IDSA NY and the conversation did not disappoint. The four panelists discussed fortifying customers' relationships with brands through innovative design, as well as broader ideas like what it means to be a pioneer, accountability in design and providing an 'opt-out' to innovations. As we approach what appears to be a tipping point across many technologies and experiences that have remained stable for decades, the panelists discussed the responsibilities designers have to both shepherd progress and keep the end users in mind at the same time. If you missed the presentation, here's a summary of what Ingrid Fetell, Design Director at IDEO; Steve Schlafman, Principal at RRE Venures; our very own Allan Chochinov, Chair of MFA Products of Design at SVA; and Craig Metros, Exterior Design Director of the Americas at Ford Motor Company had to say.

On Being a Pioneer

Moderator Rama Chorpash, Director of MFA Industrial Design, Parsons the New School for Design, kicked off the night by diving right into the question, "What does it mean to be a pioneer?" Allan offered a quick definition that included the qualifiers "risk-taker", "optimist", and "voracious curiosity", while rejecting the commonly held notions that it's impossible to be dedicated to any passion while maintaining a career and family at the same time. Craig pointed back in time to when Henry Ford's visions of vertical assembly in the 1920's led most to think he had a few screws loose, so perhaps suggesting the unbelievable is a prerequisite for being a pioneer. He credits that assembly line concept innovation with being a source of inspiration; something he admires for the impact it's had, not just on the automotive industry, but on the manufacturing of products in general.


The images projected on stage showed the dramatic contrast between a car assembly line from the 1920's and one today, the latter being completely void of any human presence. Rama used these images to point out that the turn of the 20th century ushered in focuses on both transportation and labor in the United States, which led to dramatic innovations of the assembly line process. Craig explains that automation has made production not just more precise and faster, but also safer by removing people from environments like the welding pit.

On the Cusp

Rama then turned his attention to Steve Schlafman who suggested we are on the cusp of incredible things happening as innovations shake up industries and products that haven't changed significantly in decades. He believes companies ilke Uber, Tesla and Google are on the verge of making fundamental changes to the humble car in the next 20 years. He also sees this type of upheaval happening in the service industries where Managed by Q is taking the task of maintaining an office space to a new level with their software enabled management system. Steve pointed out that Managed by Q is accomplishing this wonderful innovation while adhering to fair labor practices, which led the conversation to the presence of accountability in companies that grow too big, too fast. The element of trust is vital in these innovative spaces where open systems like Uber and Craigslist enable wonderful advances but also present risks to the consumer.


Posted by Coroflot  |  15 Dec 2014

Work for Otherlab!

Otherlab are mischievous scientists, practical dreamers, working on making the world the way it needs to be. Asking: "Wouldn't it be cool if..." is an excellent place to start for this team. They have a strong track record of attracting research funding for early and risky ideas in areas such as 'programmable matter', robotics, solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, computational and advanced manufacturing, medical devices and more. Otherlab wants a Fabric Structure Designer to join their San Francisco team.

This role requires creativity and a solid design approach in order to develop and prototype fabric structures for novel powered orthotics. You'll need a BA/BS/BFA Degree in apparel design, textiles, garment engineering, industrial design (soft goods) or equivalent. If you happen to have a strong intuition with mechanical systems and are enthusiastic about robotics, even better! Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  10 Dec 2014

Work for Rich Brilliant Willing!

America's premier contemporary lighting manufacturer seeks to hire an experienced mechanical engineer to develop the best in lighting products. This job is about diligence, organization, passion, and winning! The mission at Rich Brilliant Willing is to design and manufacture lighting for hospitality and workplace environments, using technology, simplicity and creativity. With your engineering expertise, they'll create even more illuminating atmospheres.

If you have tons of experience creating, engineering, and detailing products for manufacture, you're great. If you have experience with LED lighting (color rendering, lumen efficiencies, beam spreads, thermal dissipation analysis, and binning) you're perfect. This is a great opportunity to make a big difference at a fast-moving startup. Don't wait - Apply Now.