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Michael Doyle

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Posted by Michael Doyle  |  27 Aug 2012  |  Comments (0)

scape-c77-4.jpgPhotos by Catherine O'Gorman

A conceptual travel book for Icelandic Air transports passengers on a sensual journey.


_scape is actually much more than a book. In addition to its unconventional form, inspired by an Icelandic rock, it invokes the nature of Iceland through the senses. It can also be used as headphones, a soft head rest, and a sort of lap pet rock... that's a book, that's also an MP3 player.


In the words of designers Leslie Borg and Anita Silva:


Posted by Michael Doyle  |  30 Jul 2010  |  Comments (0)


Maker Faire Detroit opens tomorrow [Saturday] - the first ever held in America's cradle of industry and what many view today as a post-industrial laboratory for the future.

The two day event will be packed with inspiration and enjoyment for people of all ages and walks of life, including Maker Faire favorite The Life-size Mousetrap, hot-rodded Power Wheel racing, demonstrations on everything from circuit-bending to screen printing, rocket building and cheese making, and lots of robots. Lots and lots of robots...


Posted by Michael Doyle  |  18 Mar 2010  |  Comments (0)


SOFTlab is the New York-based multidisciplinary design studio of Jose Gonzalez and Michael Szivos. Their most recent installation opens tomorrow at Devotion - a new gallery in Williamsburg focusing on the intersection of art, science, new media, and design.

CHROMAesthesiae is a flourishing landscape of color, blooming across the ceiling in high contrast-gradated clusters. This installation is an investigation on the spatial and chromatic perception of space. SOFTlab uses modularity as a core modality in order to generate complexity from repetitive form, allowing for rapid expansion or contraction of every piece created. With the motto, "everything changes," the ability to adapt and grow conceptually underpins their entire body of work. This customizable installation is made of discrete, laser cut paper structures held together with binder clips: everyday objects are repurposed and precisely recombined. Forms evolve and shift color throughout the exhibition.

Opening reception Friday March 19th at 7PM
Devotion Gallery
54 Maujer St., Brooklyn, NY 11206

Posted by Michael Doyle  |  10 Sep 2009


GOGBOT Festival 2009 kicks off tonight. The theme of this year's gathering of socially and aesthetically curious artists, designers and thinkers is Atompunk - drawing inspiration for new ideas form the period framed by the cold war.

GOGBOT 2009 takes place September 10-13 at ten venues in the center of Enschede, NL (about an hour and a half east of Amsterdam and Utrecht.) The festival program was developed over the past ten months by the good people of PLANETART with shared ideas and images from the global community via the Atompunk mailing list.

Tonight's opening ceremony features a presentation by guest of honor Bruce Sterling and a live performance by Alec Empire. Read Bruce's introduction to Atompunk here.

Posted by Michael Doyle  |  13 Jul 2009


Papercuts is a brand new paper craft book by artist, educator and paper engineer Matt Shlian.

The 68 page full color book includes a CD with PDF files of each design + blank templates and bonus characters. Order directly from the artist! We like that.

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