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Posted by shaggy  |  13 Dec 2013


Dear designers, design aficionados and assorted creative types of the greater Portland, Oregon area,

Tonight's the Night for design and celebration. We strongly encourage you to drop by the design event of the season for some:
- Complimentary Social Lubrication (DJ Music & Cocktails!)
- Free perusal of the Bridge City Tool Works exhibit!
- Raffled-off gift certificates worth $500 at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply!
- Elbow rubbing with some of the creative luminaries from this year's Curiosity Club speaker series.

The Core77 & Hand-Eye Supply Holiday Shindig at
Museum of Contemporary Craft
in partnership with Pacific Northwest College of Art
724 Northwest Davis Street
Portland, Oregon 97209
Further information here.

Posted by shaggy  |   4 Dec 2013

Dear Designers, Craftspeople, Curious/ Creative Types of Portland, Ore.,
The Portland bureau of Core77 & Hand-Eye Supply invite you to the design event of the season: HOLIDAY SHINDIG at the Museum Of Contemporary Craft on Friday, December 13, 2013 -- 6:00pm till 9:00pm
- Complimentary Social Lubrication: * Dj Music * Cocktails *
- Peruse the Bridge City Tool Works exhibit for free!
- Win up to $500 in Hand-Eye Supply gift certificates!
- Mingle with & be dazzled by the illustrious, brilliant Curiosity Club speaker-alumni, incld. but not limited to:
--- Type-Casters, CC Stern Type Foundry
--- Camera Fabricator, Kurt Mottweiller
--- Guitar Maker, Matthew Reineck
--- Laser Mapper,Tarika Hanawalt
- All in attendance are eligible to vote for the Curiosity Club Speaker of the Year Prize.
Hope to see you there! - Core77 & Hand-Eye Supply
RSVP now...

Posted by shaggy  |  31 Oct 2013


Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker - Originally $800 - Now $595 with Free Ground Shipping in the USA - Cheaper than Amazon!
Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop - Originally $300 - Now $145 with Free Ground Shipping in the USA - Unbeatable on the Internets!
AKMD Origami - Set of Three Bowls - Originally $84 - Now $42 - Where else you going to find these?
Kukka DIY Lamp - Orignally $160 - Now $45 - Are we INSANE?

This and more awaits you at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply Pre-Holiday Blowout Sale. Hand-Eye, home of $4.95 FLAT RATE shipping, home of the widest selection of work aprons IN THE WORLD, home of the rare and beautiful Mercator k55k KAT KNIFE!

These deals will not last - ACT NOW!

Posted by shaggy  |  26 Sep 2013


Core77's Hand-Eye Supply store puts this deal together once a year so come grab the workshop necessities while saving the big bucks. This pair of items typically goes for $40 but is over half off until the end of the month—that's in 5 days!

Hand-Eye Supply Black Denim Apron
Oberon Safety Glasses in Your Choice of Three Colors

at Hand-Eye Supply

Posted by shaggy  |   6 Sep 2013

Moving through the space.

Core77's retail enterprise, Hand-Eye Supply, is deep into the third week of a month long stay at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles and things are heating up! More on that in a following post though, for right now we'd like to give you, dear Internet friend, a behind the scenes peek at the making of the first ever Pop-up Institute for Craft and Ingenuity!

The project started percolating in the Fall of 2012 and developed from a simple pop-up shop into a full-on exhibtion and "educational happening" over the course of the Spring of 2013. Core77's mission has been to promote and recruit for the design professions since its inception in 1995 at Pratt Institute and with the launch of the Hand-Eye Supply store we broadened that mission to advocate for a life of making things in general wether through a DIY project or a trade or craft. It seemed natural then to push the opportunity a bit further and to give Space 15 Twenty's youthful, broad audience not only a taste of the Maker life and its accoutrements but also a chance to experience its community and practices first hand.

At work, and stylishly attired.

We let the idea of the Pop-Up Institute form both the physical space and the event line-up... The interior is divided into the key environments of creative activity - the workshop, the studio and the classroom - each populated with the appropriate tools and the results of their use. The programming focuses on bringing in local Los Angeles institutions, designers and themes to connect the broader message to moment and place. This effort has lead to, among other things, a film series examining the trials and rewards of creative endeavor, workshops with materials such as felt and wood, and evening activities to connect creative-types and to air ideas and projects. See our Pop-up Institute website - handeye.la - for the full run-down.

Below is a chronicle of our build-out and launch of the Institute - a rather impressive effort, if we do say so ourselves, for it took a 2400 sq ft. space from absolutely empty to fully constructed, stocked and merchandized in four days. After months of inventory purchasing, collateral production, event programming, staff coordination, and environmental design there was only a week-long opening to bring it all together. Odds against that happening grew when the first day of building was lost to a missing shipment of materials. But then the next day, with the lumber on-site, the HES staff tackling odd jobs and the seasoned team of Space 15 Twenty slicing down build-out task-lists with scary efficiency it all started to gel and success seemed possible again. By Friday afternoon it was over, with not an hour to spare, and after a final clean-up it was time to party!

Incredible credit and thanks go to the team at Hand-Eye Supply
Lyndsey Lee Denyer, Project Lead
Laurence Sarrazin, Environmental Design Lead
Tobias Berblinger, Manager
Christine Taylor, Photographer
Also to Emily, Kat, Matthew, Kathleen, Camille and Perry

And credit and incredible thanks to the U.O./Space 15 Twenty crew
Stephen Stonehill, Project Booster and Buildout Lead
Chris Woodhead, Project Booster
Kim Bruckbauer, Merchandizing and Coordination
Beau DeGeorge and Jeff Gauntt, Buildout Samurai