Core77 in collaboration with Braun

I Put A Record On
Nick Hayes | New Zealand
Theme: RELAX

We find ourselves busier than ever in the digital age, and although we may have the means to relax in our back pockets or our handbags, sometimes we find joy in the trails of the past. Playing a record on my old Sony player brings an inner calm - no longer a nomad, I sit back and relax to the sound and its purity.


2,000 filaments
Jennifer DiMase | United States
Theme: PLAY

The Koosh ball has always been a favorite toy of mine. Colorful, soft, tossable, lively. It's a delightfully simple concept: a ball composed of 2,000 natural rubber filaments.

About the Challenge


How do you know when a design shows real genius? Can you spot it the moment you see it, or is it something you become aware of over time? Is it ease-of-use, or beauty, or a marrying of the two that makes you smile with admiration? Maybe it's a smaller element in a larger piece, or a combination of parts that add up to a wondrous whole?

To celebrate this year's BraunPrize 2012, Braun and Core77 have collaborated to present "Design in the Wild"—a global photo competition inviting participants to identify extraordinary design in our everyday lives.


This photo challenge runs in 5 phases. The first 4 rounds each have a specific theme, entry period, and voting period. The fifth phase brings the 8 Theme Winners together as Finalists, where a final round of voting will reveal a Runner-Up and a Grand Prize Winner.

Through four lenses we celebrate great design:

EAT — Food is one of the most elemental contexts for design. From innovative restaurant interiors to clever kitchen tools, from artisanal food trucks to snacks-on-a-stick, design figures in the world of food at every scale. And from a systems perspective, the cultivation, production, transportation, consumption and composting of food can all be impacted by smart design. What genius designs have recently come across your plate?

PLAY — We can turn nearly anything into a game, but design can significantly improve the experience. Is table tennis better inside on a wooden table, or outdoors on a concrete one? Which apps are you drawn to over and over, and what board games have passed the test of time? What are the brilliant tools you use to paint, to crochet, to solder, or to hack with?

WORK — Of course in order to eat and play, most of us must also work. What are your favorite designs in the workplace? Do you admire the basics like your chair or task lamp, or perhaps more abstract choices like your Twitter client or the single-serving coffee maker? What about mobile work? Are you more effective working in a coffee shop than a conference room? If so, what are the genius design artifacts that enhance your performance? And what piece of design would bring things to a halt if it were taken away from you? Praise it here!

RELAX — How does design help you release a little steam, or recapture some personal time? Is it an ambient light, or a beanbag chair, or beautiful terrarium to contemplate? Maybe it's a delightful gadget—a can crusher with a satisfying lever, or a comfy toe separator for home pedicures—that brings you pleasure. Relaxation can require the removal of irritants, but it can also demand the amplification of satisfaction. What are the genius designs that help you get away from it all?


For each theme period, participants upload original photos from their everyday environments, accompanied with a title and a very brief descriptive paragraph about the genius of the design. Each theme has a voting period when site visitors can vote for their favorite entries. The photo with the most votes becomes the Popular Winner. In addition, a Jury Winner also is selected by the team from Braun and Core77.

In the grand prize sprint, the eight Theme Winners' images are re-opened for voting. The photo with the most votes wins the Runner-Up prize and the Grand Prize Winner is selected by the "Design in the Wild" jurors and team.


Theme Winners receive their choice from a selection of Braun products.
The Runner-Up receives an industry leading tablet.
The Grand Prize Winner receives an industry leading notebook computer and tablet.


Juror Duy Phong Vu is an industrial designer at Braun where he is Section Head/Manager Product Design, based in Kronberg, Germany. Phong began his career as a model maker in the car industry. He joined Braun as a designer in 1998 and has held various positions, including Design Manager and also Project Designer for Oral-Care Power, Braun Hair Care and Braun Personal Diagnostic Appliance. He has received numerous awards throughout his career for his designs, including the IF Gold Award, IF Award and red dot Award.

Duy Phong Vu holds a Dipl Industrial Design from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.

Juror Stuart Constantine is a managing partner at Core77, a media design and publishing company based in New York City. After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a BA in History, he worked as a packaging designer for Lotus Software, and then earned a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. He founded Core77 with a fellow classmate in 1995. He's worked as a product manager and technology director with Gartner, an IT consulting company, and has been working at Core77 full time since 2000. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife, three children and a collection of guitars.

Duy Phong Vu of Braun Duy
Phong Vu

Section Head / Manager Product Design & Corporate Identity

Stuart Constantine of Core77 Stuart Constantine
Partner & COO

Team members from Braun and Core77 will also assist with the screening and selection processes.


Established in 1968, the international BraunPrize competition is a triennial design competition aimed at promoting the work of young designers, highlighting the importance of industrial design and increasing the profile of innovative product ideas globally. This year's theme, "Genius design for a better everyday," emphasizes the importance of well-designed products that enhance the everyday lives of consumers around the world.

Braun has greatly expanded the BraunPrize 2012 by opening up a new category for product and industrial design professionals and enthusiasts to enter along with the traditional category for existing and recently graduated students. Braun has also added a new Sustainability Award and doubled the total prize money awarded to $100,000 USD.


Theme Enter Vote
EatJan 10–22Jan 23–25
PlayJan 27–Feb 05Feb 06–08
WorkFeb 10–19Feb 20–22
RelaxFeb 24–Mar 11Mar 12–14
Finalist VotingMar 16–21
Grand Prize Winner AnnouncedMar 26

Visit the Braun Prize

Enter the BraunPrize 2012—an international design competition open to students, professionals and enthusiasts of industrial and product design around the world. Submit a product concept that addresses "genius design for a better everyday" by March 31, 2012. Enter now!