Core77 in collaboration with Braun

The Lowly Wine Cork

Taylor Welden | United States

The cork. Even the name of the product itself is named after its magical material. The material was being used by humans since 3,000 BC, and the invention of "the cork" for protecting wine dates all the way back to 100 BC, over 2,000 years ago. And we're still using it today.
I wonder how many billions of dollars of wine this simple, easy-to-manufacture, all-natural product is protecting right now. Corks allow just the perfect amount of air to permeate through, providing the slightest amount of breathing and perfecting the wine as it matures. A perfect design. Harvested by hand in beautiful parts of the world. 100% sustainable. 100% recyclable. An amazing hand feel.
Another interesting item to note...
Do you keep your left over plastic over milk jug lids?
What about screw-off soda bottle caps?
People save their corks, and display them proudly. One of those rare romantic products that conveys an emotion, even years after it has served its purpose.

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