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Fiori -- The Bus Stops Here

Fiori, a Portland based design, strategy, and research firm, recently received a gold award in the IDSA Northwest Design Invitational for their conceptual project "The Bus Stops Here." Each bus shelter concept is a focused look at a specific issue.
Bloom: Weather changes. Shelters should too. Bloom smartly uses electro-active polymer technology to adapt it's canopy to current rainfall and also displays annual precipitation levels in it's transparent stalk.
Bend: Awkward conversations at the bus stop are over. Patrons smile as their combined weight acts to close the shelter overhead.
Mod: Creating a modular system that can be updated according to use patterns is essential in a money starved public budget. Mod even provides distinct sections for types of individuals: the loner, the socialite, and the info-geek all get their space.
Time Square: The most obvious issue with mass transit is schedule and timing. How do you know if your bus is late or if you just missed it? Time Square uses kinetic color technology to communicate the proximity of the next bus.

More info: Fiori Company Profile

Date Posted: October 01, 2004