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Vexed Generation -- PUMA x Vexed Cycling Jacket

Founded by Joe Hunter and Adam Thorpe, Vexed Generation is a London based creative team focused on the implementation of function and technology within performance fashion, addressing social issues such as air pollution, urban surveillance and civil liberties. Their recent collaboration with Puma has led to a collection of advanced sportswear including the Puma x Vexed Cycling Jacket. The jacket, with its reflective piping, waterproof and windproof material and shape, and face mask/hood, is ideal for the stealth urban rider. The bottom end straps up underneath to keep the rider comfortable and dry in wet weather. The masked hood, with integrated ventilation chambers and replaceable filters, seals the rider's identity while keeping every inhale pure. The Cycling Jacket is offered internationally, however only twenty limited pieces are available in the US.

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Date Posted: November 03, 2005