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Evo Design -- Olive Buoy

Whilst getting wasted, waste not and look hot! Toothpicks, skewers, umbrellas and tiny swords get tossed into the trash, adding splashes of kitsch and color to our lovely landfills. The reusable Olive Buoy floats on the surface of a drink, suspending garnishes on its underside. Mike Mennone, a designer at Evo, first developed this concept as a student at Pratt. Aaron Szymanski, a design director at the Watertown, Connecticut based ID firm, worked with Mennone to engineer and manufacture the Olive Buoy to place into market. After determining the proper level of buoyancy, the design was finalized and pitched to Crate and Barrel, where it sold-out this past holiday season. At the point of no return, with drool and slurred words, the Olive Buoy keeps your drink looking chic and soothes your environmentally aware conscience.

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Date Posted: January 10, 2006