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Michael Kritzer -- Herbi

The city life sure is exciting, but it does have drawbacks, such as microscopic apartments, laughable lavatories, teeny kitchens, and no time to enjoy oneself due to a 60+ hour work week necessary to put ramen on the table and pay rent for said apartment. At last! City dwellers have something to look forward to: now they can actually grow a successful indoor herb garden, a great way to liven up that ramen dinner. Michael Kritzer's sleek, minimal and intelligent Herbi hydroponic herb rack allows the user to join up to 6 plant silos which are connected to and monitored by Herbi's control unit. The control unit regulates plant growth and health and also alerts the user (on average, about once a month), via symbols and LEDs, to manually adjust pH balance, water, and nutrient feed. Herbi provides hassle-free fresh herbs year-round to add a little kick to whatever crappy meal in a box you may be eating. At least it'll look hot in your kitchen.

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Date Posted: June 16, 2006