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MIO -- Acoustic Weave

MIO, located in Philadelphia, is a small, sustainability-driven design studio that explores materials, processes, and trends and works with local producers to create responsible products that suit a modern lifestyle. Having already developed several conceptual wall-coverings, MIO has outdone itself with the Acoustic Weave 3-D modular wallpaper. This system is flexible in shape and size, diffuses sound, reduces acoustic glare, is made of locally-sourced 100% recycled paper materials, can be recycled, and is a very affordable option for those looking to dramatically transform wall space. Acoustic Weave can be a temporary or permanent wall-covering solution, using either double-stick tape or wallpaper glue. Should damage occur to a tile, the single tile can be recycled and replaced in a flash, as opposed to replacing entire sections of on-recyclable wallpaper. MIO's modular wall flair appeases the need for future-forward, stylish decor while treading lightly on an eco-aware conscience.

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Date Posted: August 30, 2006