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Patrick Gunther -- nDoo

Patrick Gunther's nDoo concept takes a half fantastical, half scientific approach to the application of hypothetical nanotechnology forty years from now, suggesting the use of nanobots within the human body's bloodstream in conjunction with a mediator device to act as a supplementary immune system.

The nDoo is an autonomous medical gadget that controls nanobot swarm functions, such as destroying or marking cells, bacteria and viruses. It also receives and exchanges information with a global databank to stay up to date on the latest information concerning diseases and therapies. Uniquely matched with each individual's DNA, the device accompanies its owner from birth to death, along with the injected nanobots. In a passive state, the nDoo travels with its owner much like a handheld, on the body. In an active state, its airfoils hover at 60 degrees to display endogenous body data and nanobot activity by way of an interactive 3D-Hologram.

Gunther's nDoo nanotech concept was presented as his diploma project at the University of Applied Sciences and Art in Hanover, Germany in January 2007.

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Date Posted: February 14, 2007
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