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Herbst LaZar Bell -- Duet

Old skool with a twist: Everyone looks fondly upon those old tripod-style slide projector screens that you'd drag out of the basement and set up for the neighbors. (Well, it was always the neighbor's screen that you'd be borrowing, actually.) So what do you do when that slide projector's turned into video projector, and the aspect ratio has an annoying habit of moving back and forth between 4:3 and 16:9?

Enter Herbst LaZar Bell (a product design consultancy with offices in Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles), who worked with Epson America to create Duet (full name is "Accolade by Epson Duet Ultra Portable Projection Screen"), the first ever ultra-portable projection screen for the home entertainment and business markets that offers both the standard and widescreen viewing formats. And how do they do this? By utilizing a "two-roller deployment system," where conventional screens rely on a single-roller system. Rather than pulling upward or roll downward, Duet opens side-to-side, with the user only needing to pull on one side for the other to open--once one side is pulled, the other moves equally and simultaneously. The 80" diagonal screen requires less than one minute to set up, and less than 30 seconds to store within its self-contained hard case. 'Course, the screen can also be easily wall mounted "for integration into the home entertainment environment." Or you can use it in your den. Your choice.

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Date Posted: March 20, 2007
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