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Haworth Design -- Zody Chair

There are plenty of chairs out there that claim to be ergonomic and better for your back, but how many of them have received direct endorsement from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)? Haworth Design, a North American based design firm, with the help of ITO Design in Germany, has created a office/task chair that compliments your office and back at the same time. With the help of the Human Performance Institute of Western Michigan University, the duo researched and designed a chair with a revolutionary asymmetrical lumbar support system--offering easier adjusting and better support. The Zody chair is being touted as the best chair to protect your back. The chairs PAL system includes an adjustable Lumbar pad that maintains the natural curve of the lower spin. Broken up into two regions, the user can increase or adjust the support and tension to either side of their lower back, without any forward displacement. To supplement this, the Zody chair has a pelvic support system that helps avoid backward pelvic rotation, which can negate of our spine's curvature. All controls, like the three-point tilt control, seat and arm rest height, and multiple back-stop, are within easy reach and clearly label. Not only does the chair support your health, it also supports the environment. 50% of Zody's material is made up of recyclable material, and at the end of its life, Zody is 98% recyclable.

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Date Posted: August 24, 2007
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