This year’s theme for entries is the concept of need, an idea which can be collective or personal. Interpreting this theme evokes empathy in the viewer/user, providing a personal experience with each project. Freed from typical design criteria such as aesthetics, price, manufacturability, or distribution, the judges evaluated each entry based on how well it addressed the theme. They did not look at the relative value of the need being addressed, but rather at how completely the project identified and spoke to that need.

The entries came from over 60 countries, were processed and reviewed in New York, then sent electronically to our partners in India. There they were visualized as high-quality computer renderings, and converted into files suitable for prototype fabrication. The files were then transferred to another partner in California, where they were realized using a stereolithography process. The final resin models were shipped to New York for the exhibition.

Core77 would like to extend special thanks to all of our sponsors and partners, without their help the competition wouldn't have been possible. Please visit their websites below.

To all those who entered the competition, we salute you, you are the true champions of design.