Grand Prize Winner

- Matt Meshulam and Zach Dwiel

The EnerJar took top prize of the design competition—both a favorite of the judges and the crowd at the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City. The EnerJar is an easy-to-build, DIY device that accurately measures the power draw of electrical appliances. Sitting between any wall outlet and the appliance (think blowdryer versus laptop), the EnerJar helps users gain an understanding of power draw, investing them in the knowlege, and leading them to reduce their electricity use.
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Concluding a marathon day at the Greener Gadgets Conference, Core77 took to the stage along with panelists/judges Valerie Casey, Ryan Block, And Jill Fehrenbacher.Watch the video!

2nd Place

-by Clay Moulton

3rd Place

Green Cell
-by Theo Richardson, Charles Brill & Alex Williams


Roll On
-by Christian Karlsson

Notable Entries

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