Atlas Kinetic Cellular Phone
Ricardo Baiao - Portual

Atlas Kinetic uses the daily movement of a cellular phone to generate electricity. It's a phone built to last, trying to intervene in the common life cycle of this kind of products as a new greener solution. It's a piece all made of aluminium, case and buttons, that confers it a higher resistance and durability. The central sapphire glass reveals the generating & charging unit. The power system of this phone is similar to kinetic / automatic watches and uses a oscillating weight that powers a mainspring. The central power unit transforms movement into electricity and supplies power to all phone electronic components. When the rotor stops, kinetic movement, for leaving the phone static for a long period of time, turning the lateral crown a couple of times will give power to the mainspring which will turn on the phone once again. Take your cellular phone anywhere and stop worrying about recharging. Call your mother or send her a message, know you can't say your phone had no power!