Cheong Yian Ling, Cindy Liew, Joanne Lin, Lionel Wong - Singapore

Domino, the idea of cause and effect, action and reaction. With DORmino, we simply try to harness and help remove the wasted heat energy emitted by laptops to power a mouse, a common periphery used.

Using nanowires and induction charging technologies, the themoelectricity created also creates a cycle for energy reuse that can be tapped on.

Though of small use, as the world moves towards the digital age, laptops are seen on almost every university student's desks, a mouse often found beside it. Many are also beginning to handle longer days, leaving their computers on throughout the night or for days. The amount of energy used to power these machines are also often lost by the heat generated. Most of the time, we find ourselves just trying to get rid of the heat to keep the laptops cool and running. This is where DORmino comes in handy.

As a portable personal product, DORmino really is a small solution for a large potential of opportunities. But cumulatively, it is really a large use with minimum impact.