Bottle of M
Cheong Yian Ling, Cindy Liew , Joanne Lin, Lionel Wong - Singapore

In countries without potable water available readily from the taps, people resort to convenient alternatives like bottled water. Water consumption from PET bottles creates a worldwide environmental problem of ineffective plastic disposal and accumulation.

People are usually aware of plastic recycling possibilities and methods. However, more often than not, they do not put them into practice. They are also well-informed of how burning of plastics can lead to the emission of poisonous fumes and global warming. These environmental effects may not be affecting us immediately, but they cannot be ignored.

In Singapore, cigarette packs are packaged with grotesque pictures of adverse effects of smoking. Inspired by the use of such direct messages incorporated into packaging, these blow moulded bottles play on the compassionate nature of users to prompt them to recycle their bottles.

Inside every Bottle of M lies a somber scene of environmental meltdown caused by irresponsible plastic disposal.

As the drink in the bottle gets emptied out, the subtle message would remind one to dispose off the empty bottle into the recycling bin. Through a little more attention in packaging design, Bottle of 'M' being a humble daily object, hopes to bring the message of environmental awareness to the public effectively.

Bottle of 'M' aims, not only to enhance drinking pleasure, but also takes care of its whole life cycle, from cradle to grave.

It's not just a Message in the bottle, it is a Motivation to save the world.