Colin Roberts
Minute Glass - United States

If the history of the world occurred in one day mankind would not be seen until the last minute. The Minute Glass' object is to put you in a good mood and thinking green the minute you wake. It's powered by the magnetic induction that occurs when it's shaken, and requires no batteries or AC current. The Minute Glass' alarm wakes you to your favorite radio station and won't shut off until you've shaken enough energy into it to last until tomorrow. With no snooze button you have no choice but to rise, listen to the music and start shakin' it. Since it isn't attached to the wall the Minute Glass can double as a bed side LED flashlight to help you on those midnight trips to the bathroom.

The Minute Glass form was derived by inverting the classic hourglass, glass on the outside solid structure on the inside. The hard edged glass seems to hermetically seal the soft hourglass shape and its floral graphic away from our touch reminding us to preserve our precious recourses. The cylindrical shape and lack of cord allow it to set flat or stand on either end