Evan Grant - United States

There is one thing that all of the gadgets on the market today have in common. They all require energy. Energy is something that is all around us. The challenging part is finding a way to harness this energy. ReCycle targets the wasted energy that is generated while riding a bicycle and empowers consumers to not only consume, but produce.

A bicycle can be used for transportation, exercise or recreation, and it often provides all three. The great thing about riding a bike is that it requires no outside power source, other than your own energy. This is not true for many other things in our daily lives. We rely on external power sources for nearly everything we use, including cell phones, laptops, mp3 players and so on. ReCycle allows the user to capture and store energy while riding a bike without adding any additional strain to the bike riding experience. The construction requires a minimal amount of parts and fasteners. This will allow for easy separation of materials and access to the internals for repair or recycling. It captures kinetic energy from the subtle rocking back and forth while pedaling, bumpy terrain the user may travel over and any other movements that take place during a bike ride. ReCycle contains three micro generators and a lithium ion battery. This technology is currently being developed to create self charged batteries for cell phones and other electronic devices ( These micro generators create an electric charge during any movement of the bicycle. They are oriented to target the most common movements when riding a bike, such as bumps in the road and pedaling. When this electric charge is generated, it is stored in a lithium ion battery. This battery is attached to the charging unit while the user is riding their bike. After the ride, the battery can be easily removed and used to power any number of electronics. At one end of the battery there is a basic wall socket which provides universal adaptability to nearly every electronic device.

ReCycle can provide the means for everyday consumers to have electronics that live off the grid. Imagine having a cell phone that has never been plugged into the wall. Any power you consume from this device is power that you have generated. By pairing this energy generating ability with biking, it adds convenience and provides further incentive to bike.