The Parasolar
Oded Shorer - Israel

The Parasolar concept lays in the improvement of an existing product through user experience, practicality and more optimal use of natural resources.

The product comes in one carry-on case, easily transportable. The cover helps to fix and stabilize the Parasolar to the ground. The parasol is optimized with flexible photovoltaic laminated panels integrated in the synthetic cloth stretched on the structure of the parasol. The charger/battery and the energy transformer are placed at the base of the Parasolar, giving its stability. The tubular pole can be extended with a simple telescopic structure. When clipped together/assembled, the parasol and the base automatically initiate the energy transformation process. The Parasolar supports one-12volts-output and two USB sockets.

Here, the Parasolar, while protecting from the sun, serves multiple camping needs by providing energy for lighting, charging, heating and cooling equipment and devices (including MP3s, digital cameras, laptops, etc.). In an enhanced version, Parasolar will allow businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. to transform the light absorbed at daytime in order to provide power by day and night, thereby saving substantial amount of energy.