Climate changes are an important global challenge and we all have a responsibility in solving them. The Earth has given us limited resources and we must all help to protect and care for our surroundings. It is paramount that both our children and we help to protect the environment. The aim of this project is to heighten people's awareness of their energy consumption at home, including heating, cooling, water and electricity.

FlowerPod is both a playful way of displaying your home's current energy consumption and a tool for reducing your carbon footprint. FlowerPod provides you with a graphic representation of your energy use, which can help you save money and protect the environment. At the same time it helps you by providing an overview of your households energy consumption and by suggesting improvements to reduce it. The concept consists of The FlowerPod and The Information Portal - accessed through a home computer.

The Information Portal
The Information Portal shows your usage of electricity, heating, cooling and water in total and in details. Using graphs and statistics, it gives an overview of the complete energy consumption – past, present and projected future use. The portal uses these figures to advice on decreasing your family's environmental footprint and suggest improvements to factors that affect your overall energy usage in a negative way.

The FlowerPod
The FlowerPod is a simple visual update of your home's current energy consumption. It will help you and your household stay aware and give children and adults a fun and colourful digital plant to take care of. When The FlowerPod is connected to The Information Portal, a small green sprout appears. The FlowerPod's well-being is determined by the overall energy usage of the household. When energy usage is lower than projected, the flower will blossom. When energy usage is higher than projected, the flower will slowly wither and – if usage is too high for a prolonged period of time – die. The FlowerPod is designed to use only very little power. The display of The FlowerPod is a colour EPD, which only use energy when changing its content and it connects wirelesly to the Information Portal on scheduled intervals only.

Household Resource Consumption Awareness
We all use energy to maintain our modern lifestyles; but we need not waste energy. Massive investments in alternative energy are made worldwide. From wind mills to geothermal power, hydrogen cars to solar panel parks we are already investing heavily in alternative energy. But as long as not all our power comes from renewable resources, we need to think about how much energy we use and how. The Earth and our environment are unique and we need to take better care of them. One household can ́t save the planet, but by teaching ourselves and our children that every single person on this planet is responsible and that we all can make a difference The FlowerPod Project aims to better the world of tomorrow, one family at a time.