Theo Richardson, Charles Brill & Alex Williams
- United States

Proprietary batteries, plugs, adaptors, rechargers—millions are dedicated to mobile electronic devices, and while they all have the same function, we make them in different sizes. As a marketing strategy it may make sense, but with the environmental state, it doesn't make any. We all know what happens eventually—landfill. We also know that nothing goes away; trash is not the end of plastic or any composite material. Instead, it lives on in landfill for years, decades, centuries, even more. Working within a standardized format helps us all (USB is an excellent example; so are power outlets and even the idea behind good ol' AA batteries). Agreeing to a adopt a handful of constraints doesn't hurt one's marketing campaign; rather, it's a new opportunity for a new business model. It's a more responsible approach, and we'll all live a little more happily ever after. Just think of the next time you forget your cell phone charger: Universal Format, Rechargeable Power Supply. Adopt Green Cell.