Attendee Yearbook

The Core77 Conference is about great speakers, but it’s also about great attendees. Below, take a look at the brilliant minds that will be in the audience for the 2016 Core77 Conference, and find out what drives them forward.

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  • Alëna Iouguina
    I am continually inspired by the world of nature – be it natural or synthetic – and its connection to human systems through Biologically Informed Design [BID]. BID – a synthesis of biological and design approaches – offers systems solutions to design problems and is a critical tool that can help address the complexity of the challenges we face.
  • Chris Thomson
    better films
  • Christian Freissler
  • Fadel Muci
    University of Southern California
    Design, and make until my last impulse
  • Felix Ros
    Creating aesthetic interactions for intelligent products
  • Greg Aper
    Keep everyone calm.
  • Gregory Clark
    Lowe's Home Improvement
    "I won't be a rockstar. I will be a legend."
  • Jacob Pastrovich
    Redefine what lies ahead.
  • Jeffrey Brummer
    IDL Worldwide
    To make things: better.
  • Joe Gallegos
    Joe Gallegos Design LLC
  • Joe MacCarthy
    Leapfrog / Digital Boy Studios
    To live the passion of design and share it with others.
  • joe messina
    Empower people to make a difference as creative collaborators
  • Joe Warren
    B/E Aerospace
  • karen abney
    ge appliances
    to take over the world...okay, not really, just make it better designed
  • Karen Gusdorf
    Make everyday a bit brighter and simpler through design.
  • Kebei Li
    Stanford University
    To have a great weekend
  • Laura Des Enfants
    Making it happen.
  • Lian Fumerton-Liu
    Studio Rodrigo
    Inspiration & Motivation
  • Madeline Tuthill
    Skirball Cultural Center
    to end bad design
  • Melanie
    MD Designs
    Develop Great Products
  • Michael Grigoriev
    To understand things deeply.
  • Mindy Lee
    Common Good
    To explore, learn, and be a positive force.
  • Olesia Kurganova
    Lalepé LTD
    To make traveling easier and more independent for new parents.
  • Paul Murphy
    We deliver the skills and knowledge to significantly increase our course participants understanding of digital design and fabrication techniques. We inspire professionals to design and make.
  • Randall Yarborough
    Become a great all around designer and use my talents to give back to my home community while uplifting other future designers and their communities.
  • Sabina Pareja-Lecaros
    "Building bridges to solve wicked problems."
  • Sam Ettinger
    Robot Sapience Ltd.
    "Be excellent to each other."
  • Sean Horita
    to Mars
  • Siri Østvold
    Netlife Research
    Make my/your/the world a happier place. And take care of the ocean. Let's do this.
  • Suki Liebow
    Suki Liebow Designs
    Making the IN visible
  • Tim Hulford
    Intuitive Surgical
    Make Robots. Stop Cancer.
  • Tracey Chan
    Studio Rodrigo
    Understand the breadth of what being a designer can mean. How to elevate design towards a social good. Learn about ideas that are pushing the boundaries of today and looking towards the future.