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Core77 Advertising Rates

The Core77 Design Network offers several options for reaching our global community of design enthusiasts through isolated or limited run advertisements. In lieu of a more comprehensive site-sponsorship program, these provide cost-effective methods for spreading your message to our active audience members for general branding and specific sales goals. Individual graphic ads are included in rotation for the length of the agreement, serving a guaranteed impression amount.

Ad Units
Graphic ad space is available at Core77.com in the following sizes:

  • 300 X 250 pixels
  • 728 X 90 pixels

The advertising unit available at Coroflot.com consists of a 120 X 600 pixel graphic. This ad is placed on several high-traffic pages providing for optimum exposure.


  • Core77 Ads: $5 - $20 CPM
  • Coroflot Ads: $5 CPM
  • Coroflot Job Alerts Ads: $500 per week
  • Core77 Newsletter Ads: $500 per insertion

Please Note
1. Agencies: all rates are net amounts
2. Repeat and extended contract advertisers will receive a discount
3. Complete impression and click-through reports are available upon request
4. Third-party ad servers are welcome
5. Above are basic plans: ad campaigns can be customized to your liking
6. Site sponsorship and partner programs are available

If you would like a detailed proposal, or any additional information, email , or call (212) 965-1998 and ask to speak with an ad sales representative.