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In-Ear Short Term Memory Device

What do you get when you cross Babblefish with a goldfish's 3-second memory span? Give a tap to Human Beans' in-ear Goldfish device and it'll replay the last 10 seconds of whatever you've last heard. Part of a triad of conceptual design pieces for Hearwear—The Future of Hearing at the V&A, Chris Vanstone and Mickael Charbonnel (the Beans; or the Humans...mmm, I'm not sure now) explored "hearing aids for the hearing able."

Their other two pieces are Mute—a SoundStick+plugs system using cancellation algorithms to remove various offending noises, and .scp, where users load and play a .scp soundscape file that "retunes" what you're listening to—turn traffic into harmonies, or rain to song. With stunning packing, convincing presentation and all-pro graphics, these conceptual projects are ready for the store shelves. Engineering needs to catch up a bit, but hey, companies have gone to market with a lot less.

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