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Most Righteous
Wish List. Evah!

PAGE ONE Get Excited and Make Things $20 88 Bikes $88 PIG 05049, by Christien Meindertsma $61 Kakuzai Wood Memo Block $29 Star Wars Trilogy $25 Cog + Rockstar on Paper Waste Half the Sky $16 Woolly Pockets $29-67 Lego Community Workers $46 Solvate Customer Service Haggling $25/hour Sew Something from Burda Style $0-5 SoleRebels Price Varies Whipped rings $25 Organ and Tissue Donation Free (and priceless) Words to the Wise Pendant $16 SoyLube $30 Barbie Hybrid Escalade $330 USO Care Package $25 and up Cog + Rockstar on Humanitarian Design The New Economics $16 Baby Chicks $56 Ecopod Natural Coffin Not the time to ask... Blackfire Clamplight $30 Free to Be You and Me $18 Part of It Artist-Designed Tote Bags $15-20 The Velvet Underground: New York Art $32 Yellow + Blue Wines Around $12 Credo Mobile Plan $30/month and up PAGE TWO Stretch Bags $17 Thredup A clothing donation Piggy D'oh! Can't buy it yet. Cog + Rockstar on Reusability A One-Year Magazine Subscription Price Varies Autoprogettazione, by Enzo Mari $28 Gerber 'Gator' Hunting Knife $39 Bucky Balls $29 Design Is the Problem, by Nathan Shedroff $36 Robots and Monsters Price Varies Canning Kit $48 Design Revolution, by Emily Pilloton $23 Locks of Love Price Varies Crème de Corps $45 Wald 933GB Q-R Mesh Bike Basket $40 Local Food $16 DIY Minpin Poop Compost Bin Free Toothbrush Subscription $11 InSPOT STD Partner Notification E-card Free Cog + Rockstar on Design Manifestos Books to Help You Get Rid of Your Car $35 Adopt a Highway Price Varies iVac Switch $40 Flip & Tumble Produce Bags $34 Cow Poo Paper $14 Oxfam America Unwrapped Price Varies Look Both Ways, by Debbie Millman $17 Green Toys Recycle Truck $20 PAGE THREE Anvil: The Story of Anvil $18 Electric Guitar Lesson €5 Tea for One Set $19 DIY Window Farm Kit $30 (for materials) Just Enough, by Azby Brown $25 Northern Brewer Starter Kit $75 Cog + Rockstar on Volunteering St. Jude Children's Scooter $49 GetReadySetGO's Upcycled Luggage from $43 City Walks Architecture, by Alissa Walker $13 Blackspot Sneaker $75 READ bags $35 Snö Leaf Necklace $78 (1 dollar over!) Design 99 $.99/minute Kickstarter Price Varies Pencils for Opportunity $33/month Animate Earth, by Stephan Harding $25 Uniform Project Price Varies Cog + Rockstar on Planned Obsolescence Mouse in a Pint: A Non-Lethal Mouse Trap €9 Darfur Stoves Project $77 A Weekend at Yestermorrow School Price Varies Cyberoptix Fair Trade Silk Scarves $44 Give and Take Business Card Holder $18 Miyazaki Triple Feature $66 Birchbark Bowtie $55 Elephant Poop By the Bucket €5 Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots $18


Alissa Walker, Rob Walker, John Thackara, Glen Jackson Taylor, Lisa Smith, Bethany Shorb, Emily Pilloton, Rain Noe, Jen van der Meer, Lunchbreath, Eric Ludlum, Jessica Helfand, Bill Hanff, FueledByCoffee, Allan Chochinov, Valerie Casey, Victoria Brown, Emilie Baltz, and Carl Alviani. Midi files courtesy of 'home musician', snow courtesy of 'artie'.

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GetReadySetGO's Upcycled Luggage

Upcycled, hand-stenciled vintage and mid-century modern luggage and carry-on bags. Perfect laptop bags and satchels. Custom work available. Nuff said.
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