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Social-environmental Station (Environmental traffic light) Hernando Barragan (Colombia)  45 Comments
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1.Feb 3rd, 2009María Andrea Trujillo

Excelente, que iniciativa tan interesante!!!

2.Feb 3rd, 2009camilo fandino

Necesary and public contrast with the reality

3.Feb 4th, 2009Ohad

A bit similar, wouldn't you say?

4.Feb 4th, 2009Gustavo Rueda

that`s amazing....this is a graet desing oportunity...and I belive is a good project....congratulatios!

5.Feb 4th, 2009Carlos Castellanos

there you can find the process of each unit <a href=" "> </a>

6.Feb 5th, 2009stan

this is actually a good idea, i think it will work well in the long run!

7.Feb 5th, 2009Eduardo Lozano T.

Excelente idea y de mucha utilidad y actualidad para este mundo contaminado. Suerte con este ingenioso proyecto. Eduardo

8.Feb 5th, 2009Daniel

The primary risk you run with this is that these values are likely to be seen as "acts of nature" rather than the result of human activity. The air quality index issued by many cities is a perfect example: removed from the equasion is the *reason* for the low air quality. Instead, we have a number we assign to the quality of the air, and the the fact that this number has changed is in no way linked to human action.

9.Feb 5th, 2009Victor Tosoratti

Great idea!

10.Feb 5th, 2009katherine angulo

oyte la verdad es ke este proyecto tiene muxisima encanto y weno, ke tal les va con eso? donde lo han implementado ya? saludos

11.Feb 5th, 2009Amanda

What separates this concept from the rest is that it encourages a paradigm shift -- an evolution of how we perceive environmental factors -- rather than just a band aid for a product category that needs "greening." I think the form needs work; the indicators don't look particularly intuitive to read... but overall, truly innovative thinking, bravo

12.Feb 5th, 2009Juan Carlos Buitrago

I think it's a great idea to generate consiousness on the environmental hazards of living in densly populated cities. This way people and governments should see first hand the impact of theyr environmental decisions.

13.Feb 5th, 2009Hikaru

Yes for open information!! Many cities already have LED temperature/clock signs, why not with CO2 level? If the cities have any pollution problems, it can also detect the level of the bad thing in the air and make it into the open information. The data visualization is also a fun part!

14.Feb 5th, 2009Bobby Joe

How different is it form the flags that they put outside to indicate the pollution levels in Mexico City? How is this actually sustainable?

15.Feb 6th, 2009Eran

As Mark Twain said: "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." The concept is great. The contraption looks like a prototype. Where is the design? I am horrified by the vision of these "traffic lights" polluting the environment.

16.Feb 6th, 2009Ricardo Mejia

It’s a clever and interesting idea; the final question about sustainable world is one of the key questions at this time. Thanks for share it whit us.

17.Feb 6th, 2009Estefanía Amaya

Great basic concept, nevertheless, it would be important to make the "traffic light" 's design more friendly with the environment, it would be horrifying to see this "block" in the middle of a park. Keep up with the good work!

18.Feb 7th, 2009Luis Gutiérrez

Great and different approach, hope this project makes it!

19.Feb 7th, 2009Andres Casanoves

Good idea... i hope the last result become the best...

20.Feb 7th, 2009Lee

Good idea. I like the idea of piling guilt upon road rage... just kidding! Seriously, this could be a good idea, but it's a bit giant. Of course it's better than the ticket lights we have here (big brother is watching your driving habits). An idea would be to add a co2 sensor for various vehicles passing. Here we have emissions testing, but not everyone is driving a vehicle that passed.

21.Feb 8th, 2009christian

Muy buena idea...

22.Feb 8th, 2009Alex

I have no idea what it is for, but looks interesting, these guys did very good and .... I hope useful job. 1

23.Feb 8th, 2009santiago gordo

exelente...aunque no es un "gadget" propiamente dicho es una inicativa muy buena... y colombiana!

24.Feb 8th, 2009Oscar

it seems to be a good idea, but, does the intention justify the cost of it? i mean, is it to expensive just for get irrelevant information about an especific place? i think you're right: the people don't get a real idea about some things round us everytime, but the only way to get them quite, is to study them, every one of us have taken a formation, expierence and other things that when talk about temperature makes the temperature a topic everyone can talk about, but CO2? i'm not saying it's

25.Feb 8th, 2009Jairo Arevalo

Creo que esto da un sustento para generar nuevas ideas para una concientizacion seria sobre el cambio climatico; como concepto basico es excelente y creo que abre una puerta para que todos conozcan sobre lo que esta pasando en el mundo a nivel ambiental

26.Feb 9th, 2009Maria Inés

It sounds a great idea and a good information service. Good luck!

27.Feb 10th, 2009JUAN

Buena idea, muy mal es para nada atractivo y no explica su funcion.

28.Feb 10th, 2009lydia Yang

i feel that this is a good idea, i think the fact that these would be out on the streets where people pass them by all the time we'd take more notice to see whats happening in our own community. i believe it would also boost us as humans to actually try to change how we live to improve the planet.

29.Feb 10th, 2009yolanda MEDINA baron


30.Feb 10th, 2009 Miguel Infante

Genial idea que nos ayude a concientizarnos y a tomar precauciones encaminadas a mejorar el medio ambiente. Exitos

31.Feb 11th, 2009Bart

This is public art. Not a gadget. Why is this information relevant? And how can I make a change based on what I see? Couldn't the local news broadcast this information with the weather, barometer, smog index, etc?

32.Feb 11th, 2009Gem

Excellent idea mate ... reminds me of a not to distant future where data systems will be on display to all ... everywhere ... instant information, etc ... well done ... deserves funding ... cheers, Gem :)

33.Feb 11th, 2009david castellar londono

creo que es una excelente idea de gadget , que se puede implementar en las grandes ciudades del mundo , los datos del medio ambiente son muy importantes , ya que en el mundo actual en el que vivimos, no tenemos la oportunidad de conocer acerca de los factores ambientales que pueden afectar nuestro entorno.

34.Feb 12th, 2009Maria Victoria Lara

Muy buena idea! super interesante!!!

35.Feb 12th, 2009miguel arroyo

sin palabras, exelente idea.

36.Feb 12th, 2009Hassub

Eso queda en los Andes es muy chevere.

37.Feb 13th, 2009ANTONIO

Pss.. es interesante el proyecto.. pero se me ahce q es muy aparatoso, visto desde el diseño, tiene muchas partes segmentadas... q tal vez se podrian resolver en un solo producto. Pero es una beuna iniciativa ;)

38.Feb 13th, 2009Diego Porras

excelente iniciativa, espero pase a la segunda ronda felicitaciones!!

39.Feb 13th, 2009RUBEN GARCIA

full design 100% made in COLOMBIA.... bien........

40.Feb 15th, 2009anacecilia riaño romero

buena idea.exitos.

41.Feb 16th, 2009Sebastian Rianhio

Es cierto es muy buena la idea pero no llama la atencion ni en sus formas ni en sus colores, deberia evolucionar su forma, seria mejor...

42.Feb 16th, 2009Miguel Casallas

Muy buena idea, más en estos tiempos que vivimos actualmente donde casi nadie presta "verdadera" atención al tema.

43.Feb 18th, 2009Surien

Lo malo que tiene es que es horrible, si se le diese una vuelta de tuerca al menos en cuanto a diseño, sería más agradable estéticamente y además con mayor funcionalidad (Demasiado alargado)

44.Feb 21st, 2009Alberto Lacouture

C'est une idea excelente, il fault en avoir une dans chaque maison. Felicitations!!!

45.Feb 22nd, 2009kratorDG

Felicitaciones por la idea, muy interesante y necesario realizar algo que promueva el conocimiento dentro del marco de lo cotidiano. Les deseo lo mejor con su proyecto, que es para todos!!

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