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1.Feb 2nd, 2009Tiago Diniz-Porto

marvelous, how can i buy one?

2.Feb 2nd, 2009Nad

Sooo cool !! Lovely Idea !!

3.Feb 2nd, 2009David

So how much, and how do I get one?

4.Feb 2nd, 2009Marcela de Alcântara

Owwh! I want buy one!!! Please say how!!!

5.Feb 2nd, 2009Mochi

Fantastic. The best idea I seen in years.

6.Feb 2nd, 2009BLUE


7.Feb 2nd, 2009Moca


8.Feb 2nd, 2009Swainster


9.Feb 2nd, 2009Letizia

Such a great idea! I would totally buy one as soon as it hits the market.

10.Feb 2nd, 2009Pollybob

Yes where to get one?!?!!

11.Feb 3rd, 2009nico farina

Absolutely wonderful! Of course, I also want one. How about selling it to coffee brands? I assure you that here, in Italy, where people follow coffee brands a bit like sport teams, your printers will rule!!! cheers, nic

12.Feb 3rd, 2009Eliot

Finally I found a good reason to keep a pet squid around. Great idea!

13.Feb 3rd, 2009Proficio

Great idea...I want one, too!

14.Feb 3rd, 2009Marc

I love the idea of this. No power, no ink. This is ideal for remote areas and traveling. My only worry is what if I spill coffee on my papers. :-S That said, I still want one.

15.Feb 3rd, 2009Victor Franco

Seems great! But, do we need to drink a cuo of cofee (or tea) every time we need to print? Doctor's would not approve this...

16.Feb 3rd, 2009Norman Carpenter

$100 laptop program could use this in developing countries.

17.Feb 3rd, 2009Steve

If it doesnt need power - why does it have an LED and how does the printing head get instructions on what to actually print? Surely there is some electrical/digital input needed here?

18.Feb 3rd, 2009Telegram

Really interesting concept. I like the idea of replacing a desired resource (ink) with waste (coffee grounds). Is there any proof of concept? I just wonder how big the gap between this idea and the idea of processing coffee grounds to print a document... I guess another way to put it, is what would be the biggest challenge in implementing this?

19.Feb 3rd, 2009Erika

Steve made a good point. I was also wondering about that. thoughts?

20.Feb 3rd, 2009coffeerama

i have doubts about the printing quality, but dang this is clever for sure

21.Feb 4th, 2009luca preto


22.Feb 4th, 2009kate

so cooooooooool~ lovely!!!

23.Feb 4th, 2009son won ho

Very good idea...I want one, too!

24.Feb 4th, 2009hoya

Very good idea...I want one, too!

25.Feb 4th, 2009André Vilela

Really Great. And easilly "buyable" too. Everyone would enjoy this ideia, i guess.

26.Feb 4th, 2009M

Greath idea, but i must warn all of you, i make ink with cofee for some time now, but the color is alwais light, you cant get a dark shade....

27.Feb 4th, 2009Charles

is there a working prototype? making the printer head move by just pulling on the sheet seems...ambitious...

28.Feb 4th, 2009paynouf


29.Feb 4th, 2009Victor J Kinzer

I want one. Where can I order, and for the love of god please say it uses standard ps drivers so I can use it with linux.

30.Feb 4th, 2009M. Fox

It sounds like a hoax to me... How to be sure that the user will have the right speed for the printing operation...? No need to plug the printer, how will it communicate with any computer ? I'm quite sceptical... Are there more pages with more information on that revolutionnary stuff ?

31.Feb 4th, 2009Dyeden


32.Feb 4th, 2009Matt

It looks cool, but do you realize how long it would take to print one piece of paper? You would be moving the print head back and forth 100 times to print one sheet of paper and what tells the print head to apply ink on a certin area?

33.Feb 4th, 2009Karen Formico

No Electricity? Who are you kidding? And how exactly does the printer talk to the computer? Is it sucking the power from the computer through a connection? If so then don't suggest it doesn't use electricity. If it runs on some kind of battery then what is the life of the battery? Before I would say this is a good idea I would need much more information. It sounds like it's not flushed out.

34.Feb 4th, 2009Artur Chudolinski

This design would be great if you could reduce it down to a printer that uses dredges for printing. I would not personally sit there and move teh cartidge from side to side to print a page. Imagine printing a 10 page document! Additionally, using dredges as the ink may result in early ink fading.

35.Feb 4th, 2009C.all

Some people seem to miss the point they are in a "design competition gallery", so it's about concepts and not necessarily production.

36.Feb 4th, 2009C.all

The no-electricity claim must be mistaken, I assume it would be feasible to avoid watts to actually move the head and the paper, but some kind of power -- even if green -- is necessary to actually communicate with the computer and spray the ink. It could be a bluetooth connection but, if the goal is being eco-friendly, perhaps a cable would save a little energy compared to radio signals. So at least the power cord would be necessary. Unless, of course, the head movement charged a small battery

37.Feb 4th, 2009Lucas Martins

Wow! If you make this work with electric motion, you'll be rich!

38.Feb 4th, 2009Shane

I too am curious how you plan to connect this to a computer if it is 100% kinetic energy based.

39.Feb 5th, 2009Leekei

I LOVE the idea. I also think that power is necessary

40.Feb 5th, 2009JIN JAY

It's a good idea to emotional ^^ Good luck !

41.Feb 5th, 2009tori

Wow..~this is awesome...

42.Feb 5th, 2009Joule

Is it a black and white printer ? Alternatively it could work in color with tomato sauce, pee and blueberry juice. Of course those tints don't have a long life expectancy but with a simple layer of benzo-polycabonate-cyanide varnish sprayed with polycyclon BZ gas you could make the color stay.

43.Feb 5th, 2009mellow

so nice!

44.Feb 5th, 2009sara paculdo

I think at a concept level it's a great idea. Taking something so mundane as ink cartridges and coffee grounds and rethinking them is brilliant.

45.Feb 5th, 2009Josh

I have no idea about the functionality of this, but damned if it isn't an inspired idea. I'd imagine it would require some electric power, at least to store the required data in a buffer in the device while you push the print head back and forth. (I also love the idea of never needing to pay for another print cartridge.)

46.Feb 5th, 2009Ricardo

nice, i wanna represent you in Brazil! write to me all the best

47.Feb 5th, 2009Hikaru

I like the idea of alternative ink, but If there in no electricity, "what" do you actually print out? how do you get the image data? otherwise it only works as a drawing tool..

48.Feb 6th, 2009Bursar

The USB standard allows a device to draw power from the PC (I have a USB coffee cup warmer) and the power used to receive and store printer data from the PC would be tiny. Presumably the printer head would not draw much power either or possibly it is gets its power from the user moving the cartridge.

49.Feb 6th, 2009maxx

Yes yes yes , Perfect my project smell like coffe , its lovely

50.Feb 6th, 2009cinzia

unire l' utile al dilettevole niente male davvero

51.Feb 6th, 2009I Ride My Bike

I love the coffee as ink concept, although that much doesn't seem original to this concept. I have all the pragmatic questions as above, but I have feeling they could solved. Human powered also seems very realistic.

52.Feb 7th, 2009YONA HECHT


53.Feb 8th, 2009DB.K

Liked the idea but even if this is a design competition, the designer should have designed something more realistic based on his own research. He can't just say that "oh, this is just a CONCEPT.' He should have solved all the issues that people already commented. That's how design works. Design is not just making things pretty. But as I said, I liked the idea. :)

54.Feb 8th, 2009Gury

No Doubt. Surprise printer!

55.Feb 8th, 2009Luis Rayas

I don't really beilieve it... How would the "ink" fuse with the paper; wouldn't it just fall off? It just doesn't make sense to me in my head!

56.Feb 9th, 2009Obama

Were I Can buy it?

57.Feb 9th, 2009아빠(dkqk)

Wow! is it really works?

58.Feb 9th, 2009Ferdinando

Bellissima... l'idea come la realizzazione.

59.Feb 9th, 2009Martin

What a great thing - would love to use it!

60.Feb 9th, 2009Hero

I want it! I really want it!! Nice korean!!

61.Feb 10th, 2009Michael

This is a brilliant concept. Note I said concept and not prototype. If you don't know the difference then go look it up on Wikipedia. Some people are overly critical and don't understand the slightest bit how the design process works. Here's my thoughts. Great concept, not yet a mature. I'm not sure the ergonomics have synced with the ecologic, by that I mean... no one really wants to push a bag back and forth over paper. What they would do though is turn a crank! So it's a very simple motion to

62.Feb 10th, 2009Khalid

E' una cosa meravigliosa; risparmio economico ed ecologico. I don't beleive it... its wonderful!

63.Feb 10th, 2009weeee

awesome idea, find something blue and add it to green and red tea to get slightly-coloured text. With the mechanical method to get it working, go for the steampunk-ish market. Wood and copper case and you can sell it 10 times it's modern-looking price. Just kidding, really like the idea.

64.Feb 10th, 2009Tea time

Seems a good idea to me, and of course using waste products are better, congrats !. I wonder how many expressos do I need in order to print an entire book?.

65.Feb 10th, 2009Paulp

Would reading long docs keep you awake if they were printed with coffee? Today's ink jets use water based inks. You can probably use coffee water or beet juice in their reservoirs already.

66.Feb 11th, 2009MARJORIE

Incroyable... mais comment se fait la connexion avec l'ordinateur ? je veux bien les commercialiser dans le sud de la france !

67.Feb 11th, 2009Budnbuf

What a cool idea. Where can I get one? How much?

68.Feb 12th, 2009Andrea

What if you don't drink coffee or tea? My family doesn't drink coffee or tea. Is there anything else you can use for the ink. I think this is a fabulous idea and I would LOVE to have one. But I am not going to start drinking coffee or tea just to use it lol. As for the guy wondering how it works without electricity, we have wireless keyboards and a wireless mouse. Why not a wireless printer... My only other concern is gettting carpal tunnel from having to manually move the cartridge. :)

69.Feb 12th, 2009ari

Wow~ very interest item it's very wonderful and beautiful design

70.Feb 12th, 2009SKSchnei

How many pages can you print before you have to wash out the ink case? How big is this? It would be good for traveling. Nice if set up on a wireless system.

71.Feb 13th, 2009sammy poon

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Sammy Poon, a reporter of Next Magazine in Hong Kong. I have read the article on the website, and really interested in RITI Printer. I would like to report this to Hong Kong reader. Would you mind sending me some high resolution photos, maybe 5-6 photos, to publish in the magazine? Thank you for you kindly attention! Sammy Poon Reporter, Features and Technology, Next Magazine Address: 4/F, 8, Chun Ying Street, TKO Industrial Est W, Tseung Kwan O, NT, Hong Kong Tel: 9256

72.Feb 14th, 2009Guilherme (Brasil)

Very good idea. Maybe it will revolutionize the idea of needing to BUY an ink cartdrige everytime you run out of ink. The most annoying part of it is that most of the times when you desperetely need to print something, you run out of ink, it's past 10PM and nothing's open, so you'll have to wait till the following day to finish your job or print your docs... The most astonishing part of your idea is that nobody has thought about that before. I just can't believe why it is so simple and nobody c

73.Feb 14th, 2009ari1

we focus that he is korean.... I am proud of korea...

74.Feb 15th, 2009kh


75.Feb 16th, 2009Jeon Hwan Ju

I'm designer of RITI Printer. Please Mail me if you want to know something,,

76.Feb 16th, 2009Patrik

Why buy a whole new printer for this?! There are plenty of cheap refill kits available for any brand of ink cartridge. Just adapt a refill kit to work with coffee or tea-based ink, and keep us from throwing our existing ink-guzzlers in the trash. Now *that* is green...

77.Feb 17th, 2009Jess

What a great thinking, Fabulous idea

78.Feb 19th, 2009Yanniv

I like the idea of using waste to get something else i want. But I don't get the idea of not using any source of power(USB could work...),and the need of manually moving the page and the printers head. nice idea But it wont sell as long as it involve manually feeding.

79.Feb 20th, 2009sooyeun

GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take it.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

80.Feb 20th, 2009Christine

OMG! This is ingenious! I drink 2 cups of coffee every day. Think about putting this at the office! Wow. I hope you win. I will buy one.

81.Feb 21st, 2009Jae Jun Kang

Good job! I'm pretty sure your work is the best!

82.Feb 21st, 2009Jae Jun Kang


83.Feb 22nd, 2009Ahrum Kwon

What a wonderful idea :) Can't say how proud Koreans are! Keep up the good work!!

84.Feb 22nd, 2009YENI

i want to see this hot item in the market!

85.Feb 23rd, 2009yujung

so cute !!!!!!!!!! Lovely Idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good (-_-)=b

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