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1.Feb 3rd, 2009mangrove

this is an art project.

2.Feb 3rd, 2009Begum

simple, beautiful, functional, poetic.... daha ne olsun!

3.Feb 4th, 2009gunes erkoc


4.Feb 4th, 2009Begüm Demircioğlu

marvellous design congratulations

5.Feb 4th, 2009ali osman sezer

this is magic ...

6.Feb 5th, 2009Deniz Şahin


7.Feb 6th, 2009Rebecca Oliver

Now THIS feels like the beginning of a better future. Beautiful, functional, progress of ideas.....All that's needed is to be sure that all the components are part of a cycle too....and that the manufacturing and transport is run on renewable energy!

8.Feb 6th, 2009franco

very nice,please send me more info because very interesting best regards franco from Italy

9.Feb 7th, 2009Sanjeev

Really Cool and fatabulous.

10.Feb 9th, 2009hakan

The world is very important to live in the period of such forward minded and people oriented project to reproduce a very good source to see türk increase young people's interest in this area is very important to us and a new future of humanity is very important to make sure that the project will be.and to renewable energy accept the world or maybe even the first steps to start small if necessary in...okay now and it is necessary to start road is open MUSTAFA EMRE OLUR.....

11.Feb 9th, 2009Serpil


12.Feb 10th, 2009Semra Öztürk

very nice project.

13.Feb 10th, 2009ALİ CAMURCU

All the Best

14.Feb 10th, 2009nehir

very brilliant!!

15.Feb 10th, 2009DB.K

simple but beautiful. I love the idea!!!!

16.Feb 10th, 2009dr cd

It is wanderfull. Perfect.

17.Feb 10th, 2009sealander


18.Feb 10th, 2009designum

For improving consciousness about using renewable energy, this not only offers a green energy consuming product, but also an instructional green experience. Good luck for deeply considered project.

19.Feb 10th, 2009Bart

Poetic, and obviously a nice piece of modern artwork. However, it's just an hour glass with a solar panel and some LEDs. What is the purpose or function, how does this change behavior, why is the world better with this device --- doesnt this defy a fundamental principle of sustainable design?

20.Feb 10th, 2009Paulp

If I had one, I would use it every day. Muhakkak olur.

21.Feb 11th, 2009umut

a different design

22.Feb 11th, 2009Ferhan Sagin

Cool :-) Loved the idea, appreciated the design, loved the name... Congratulations!!!

23.Feb 11th, 2009Adnan Yuksel Guruz

Greenhouse effect, carbon emission, air and water polution what else is needed to endanger our future? Are waiting aliens to come and help us as in "the time the earth stood still" The project looks so marvelous and I am glad a Turk signed it. We are ysed to copying other nations inventions. This little lamp gives me hope for future. I know it is not the Alladdin's lamp but still it has a gen(e) ious behind it.

24.Feb 11th, 2009Deniz Salman

Splendid! congratulations...

25.Feb 11th, 2009saint


26.Feb 12th, 2009filiz

Very practical and specific work of this study. Congratulations

27.Feb 12th, 2009ömer şenocak

Really really a perfect design, a simple idea with a nice design, i have not more sentences to say....

28.Feb 13th, 2009koylukizi74

very nice, magic, beautiful

29.Feb 13th, 2009sezgin

it's great. i like it.i think, must to go by series production. it's name very nice. it's design simple but very graceful. Good lucks.

30.Feb 13th, 2009Karen Sisco

Please get this into production. I would like to sell it for you! Wonderful.

31.Feb 15th, 2009ozkan

God job.Congratulations

32.Feb 16th, 2009Bahar Buluc

Extremely brilliant!!

33.Feb 18th, 2009Niusha Fahandez

Fantastic idea, i have not seen anything so sustainable and innovative in a while! well done!

34.Feb 20th, 2009Judy

Beautiful elegant design. I would love to buy one or more!

35.Feb 21st, 2009Gamze


36.Feb 22nd, 2009chris

nice idea, a bit ugly though

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