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1.Feb 21st, 2009Josh J.

As far as marketing goes, it seems like the product lacks a 'new' selling point. A lightbulb is a lightbulb in many consumers minds, unless there is something totally unique (ie - greater energy savings from standard to CFL). A unique design doesn't do much for me because when I install a lightbulb its usually under a shade or inside a fixture and once I install it I won't see it again anyway.

2.Feb 17th, 2009CF

Well, it's a an energy saving light bulb. Ok! But 2.0? Certainly not. What's 2.0 about this? The shape is reminiscent of the 0.1beta of a light bulb and the electronics is what everybody has (hopefully) at home. But it's a very nice idea and looks quite cool.

3.Feb 17th, 2009Michael Anderson

I would encourage Felix to take this one step further, as this looks like a perfect configuration for a 3-way bulb. I think a good 3-way CFL would do well in the marketplace. I hope you applied for a provisional design patent before you published this. Good Luck.

4.Feb 11th, 2009GreenMike

I think it's a very cool looking novelty bulb. However, I don't think this is better than what is out there. I'm not sure I would use this for other than perhaps a display (reminds me of neon pub lights). The profile from the front and back of the bulb is fine for distributing light evenly throughout the room, but the profile of the bulb from the sides doesn't expose enough surface area of the tubes to generate as much light towards the sides. The nice thing about existing spiral CFLs is tha

5.Feb 11th, 2009Jocko

The styling is nice! But what's difference between ordinary power saving light bulb and Bulb 2.0 in terms of green issus?

6.Feb 10th, 2009Flex

First and foremost, the design can make people use CFL bulbs to reduce energy consumption. The main Idea is to change the "reasonable-but-ugly" product image of CFL bulbs too something appealingly. Saving resources can be fun, products like this (hopefully) help to set a precedent.

7.Feb 10th, 2009Trong

Well, people wont need to buy light shade if they use these, eliminate the need for additional object. I think that justify how it's green. awsome

8.Feb 9th, 2009Jerry


9.Feb 9th, 2009Martin

Great, useful and well designed product!

10.Feb 6th, 2009I Ride My Bike

It is pretty and witty, and hopefully that is persuasive. Form is Function. Bright, but I wouldn't call it brilliant. LEDs lead the luminescence. On recycling, how about a bulb that can be easily broken into recyclable elements, the aluminum bases are always sacrificed.

11.Feb 6th, 2009nypster

good idea.. but doesnt really scream out "greener gadget!"

12.Feb 5th, 2009Espresso Avenger

I don't mind this idea, while drasticly different it is a novel design I have not seen before. There are programs in Australia to recycle these and handle the mercuray safely. Not that many people would bother, they generally still go straight in the bin. Also, its worth noting that currently the lumin to watt ratio of the most efficient LEDs on the market still are only about 75% as efficient as a everyday CFL. With the life expectency of the LED being rated up to 50,000 hours (Practical Li

13.Feb 5th, 2009Dave

Skip the mercury contaminating CFLs and go straight to LED.

14.Feb 5th, 2009WeaselHoo

If these were sold im sure more people would buy them, I always her complaints about how ugly normal CFLs are.

15.Feb 5th, 2009Flex

"In areas powered by coal, CFLs end up saving on mercury emissions versus incandescent bulbs, due to the offset power use (coal releases mercury as it is burned)[44]." wikipedia

16.Feb 4th, 2009brennan

Neat! Now design a jet that looks like a World War I biplane.

17.Feb 4th, 2009Zana Johansson'

Im afraid its very much more vulnerable in that way of constructing the glass tubes.

18.Feb 3rd, 2009ken

anybody tell me why it is a energy-saving lamp? I don't find any details.

19.Feb 3rd, 2009PAC

That is true about flourescent bulbs containing mercury, however there recycling programs, according the Environmental Protection Agency and Natural Resource Canada the mercury is recycled. I would suggest a rubber casing or something to prevent mercury from escaping. Oh and design the packaging so when you get a new bulb all you have to do is put the old bulb in the packaging and drop it in the mail box to be delivered to the depot.

20.Feb 3rd, 2009Jae

I would not hesitate to purchase these. Very nice aesthetic!

21.Feb 3rd, 2009crunch

Flourescent bulbs contain mercury (a hazardous material), and there is no real plan in place to harvest mercury from these bulbs. Mercury even in small amounts is show to be a hazard to childhood brain development and accelerates the effects of some

22.Feb 2nd, 2009Parker

I applaud the designer for coming up with a very attractive bulb- however, this is not any more green than a regular CFL. I presume that the look is supposed to get more people to buy green, which would be nice, but I am not sure anyone ever looks d

23.Feb 2nd, 2009flobster

I have been looking for something like this for some time. I would buy these.

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