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1.Feb 21st, 2009Judd

Ever thought about putting a small valve at the end of the device for quick shut-off at a faucet. My potable water professor at the University of Florida had something like it on his faucet in his lab. I think that a lot of times people don't shut off their water while working at the sink because they don't want to have to adjust the temperature back to where it was originally. If the knobs (hot and cold valves) are already set to the desired position upstream of the device then they won't lo

2.Feb 18th, 2009maria

bravo a feedback loop is always a great tool to teach people new habits and create awareness

3.Feb 17th, 2009esty tirosh


4.Feb 16th, 2009Nick

I like the psychological approach of creating a spirit of self-competition in the user, but it's hardly an original one. Further, I agree with those who've said that, after spending upwards of $200 to replace a kitchen faucet, they wouldn't want to look at this thing dangling from it. So, no vote from me. Re: your presentation: Why would you attach this thing to the toilet supply line? Nearly all single-flush toilets use the same amount of water every single time.

5.Feb 16th, 2009Ray

Bring a technology that will force the conservation, mere monitoring works just insignificantly. Although this device is an step in good direction and a gentle approach to conservation but cutting the corner with how much water we use to wash a car in a hot summer day, water the lawn, wash the sidewalk, or fill a bath tub is not enough. The fact is when there is not enough supply not only few considerate but every consumer of the society (residential, commercial and industrial) shouldn't be

6.Feb 16th, 2009Ariel

Hi fellows first of all i want to thank you all for all your votes and comments. it looks like you believe in a product such Bware for those which believe in this product and give it a chance by clicking one vote i promise that soon you will be able to increase your awareness to the use of the water by launching the Bware to the market for those which didn't understand the propose of using the Bware i can just explain and say that you guys have the power to make the change. water is a nature s

7.Feb 16th, 2009Amanda

I'm a bit shocked that this is winning so many votes.<br><br> Simply put: it isn't new. I've seen <i>very</i> similar concepts more than once.<br> <a href="">In 2007</a><br> <a href="">And another</a><br> <a href="http://www.

8.Feb 16th, 2009betül

it is all great with function, consept and final product!

9.Feb 16th, 2009sushil

This sound similar to tha last years winner where you could measures the amount of electricity consumed, it was based on the principle of making people aware by showing how much power they/product consumes.

10.Feb 15th, 2009Karen

I'm not sure why this gadget has so many votes? Why would anyone want to have all those not so nice looking green things all over their house, when they can get the same usage info from their water bill.?

11.Feb 15th, 2009Beethoven

great idea !

12.Feb 15th, 2009efrat teller


13.Feb 14th, 2009lee

Ariel, good luck! 6 days left!! fingers crossed 4u

14.Feb 14th, 2009sara

i follow in a great interest after the comments and cant wait to see if BWARE is going to win!! but more than that i would happy if Ariel will let us know threw "core 77" when the product will be available in stores . cant wait. good luck!

15.Feb 13th, 2009sari

"Send your bread upon a water"--- translation in the bible.

16.Feb 13th, 2009chris

nice product. maybe just one unit on the main water line to track water usage. . .oh wait, that's called a water meter or you could look at your water bill for free. Sorry. Seriously though, the value in this product would be the "competition factor". For the same reason they put "eco / miles-per-gallon meters" in hybrid cars. . . I could try and beat my previous water use records, either for the whole house or certain water sources. Well done. But make it nicer looking

17.Feb 13th, 2009Shaloama

There definately IS a vote button. The name sucks, product rocks. Live strong Bware? Ya, no.

18.Feb 12th, 2009shivangi

a really gr8 product .... i wished to make

19.Feb 11th, 2009Rob

@ Asaf: The reason is that the water flow something like a faucet doesn't have enough energy to do that. In fact, it doesn't even have enough energy to light up one LED, so this idea won't work at all. 5 minutes of research on google would have shown this, but alas, this idea has no research whatsoever, and magical connectors.

20.Feb 11th, 2009NINO


21.Feb 11th, 2009Moni

So, are you gonna attach a pamphlet with this device in order to actually advise people how to save water? Because that's awesome if they're aware of it... and sure they'll take faster showers but there are plenty of ideas out there (filling up sink to wash dishes, take baths instead of shower. etc.) that people don't know about.

22.Feb 10th, 2009Jill

Yeah, the packaging seems a bit excessive for this tiny gadget. Nice simple idea though. I like that it tries to do one thing and one thing only

23.Feb 10th, 2009Bart

Cool idea... so cool that it was a runner up in Metropolis Mag's competition in 2007:

24.Feb 10th, 2009Asaf Weiss

Great idea, only one question: Why isn't the water power used for something other than recharging the back up baterry? couldn't it be used for something like a medium sized (and ultra small electricity user) led lamp? asuming this product will mostly reside in peoples bathrooms due to that specific room wastfull tendencies a small light could actually save some electricity (and be even more helpfull when electricity is out). and that's just one idea, i'm sure there are many more possibiliti

25.Feb 10th, 2009yossi m

its a great product !!!!!!!!!! and....... great idea !

26.Feb 10th, 2009hans

What up with this excessive packaging? Made of Styrofoam?

27.Feb 10th, 2009Novella Grimaldi

Good idea, sometimes people need to have things in front of tehir faces to realize concepts... Nice job, Ariel.

28.Feb 9th, 2009matteo zorzi

I think it' a very good idea. I hope it'll be constructed and selled. I'll buy it!

29.Feb 9th, 2009Elad

It makes you wonder - how come nobody thought about it before?... great thinking, great design !

30.Feb 8th, 2009agus s kacaribu

I hope this gadget will be the winner.

31.Feb 8th, 2009Tirza

Hopefully this gadget - BWare - will become a standard attachment to taps of all kind in every home around the world. Water is precious everywhere.

32.Feb 8th, 2009Saul

Why does it have to have an LCD? I don't think an LCD could really be powered by a trickle of water - plus it requires a battery, circuit board, etc. Wouldn't an analog/mechanical read-out be much more sustainable (and cooler)?

33.Feb 8th, 2009Kristy Sakal

This is a great way to bring water consumption into the general public mind set so they can see how their use of water directly affects resources. I think this is a great way improve the overall "green" consciousness to the masses. Think of all the kindergarden classrooms this could be placed in to teach the next generations how to conserve natural resources, starting with water. Great idea!

34.Feb 8th, 2009angela marcia

Great idea, because it's so easy to install! How can I buy? I live in Brazil. Congratulations! Angela

35.Feb 8th, 2009david bendayan

Amazing!!! Nowadays, one of the main worries for the humanity is the lack of water. This product can be very eficient to prevent and control this serious problem.

36.Feb 7th, 2009Jean Devine

Consuming to keep track of consumption does not make sence to me. Does what it takes to make this fit with what it would save?

37.Feb 7th, 2009Lee

Brilliant! I can really see it being helpful from workplaces to homes. I would definitely get one.

38.Feb 7th, 2009Dustim K.

Ariel....superb I liked the idea of having water counter Its look like its a cheap device that you can attach where ever you want to log your water usage. I think that knowing to log the water usage can really help us to understand that we dont really need all this water that we use to use and therefore we can reduce the water usage. Looking forward to see this device on the D.i.Y shops i will get some of this staff for sure!

39.Feb 7th, 2009potchin

This design is simple and it amazed me. Good job

40.Feb 7th, 2009ISAAC COHEN


41.Feb 6th, 2009alexandra

very good idea.

42.Feb 6th, 2009Jes

interesting, but that connection won't fit on faucets as it is

43.Feb 6th, 2009liat kadosh

great i idea, every developing for awareness will be great this days good luck.

44.Feb 6th, 2009anna

great idea !

45.Feb 6th, 2009Jenkins

Yet another concept that merely informs the user of usage. Couldn't the same thing be accomplished in a less complex way? Like a sticker? This seems like an overly techy, hard to install solution to a simple problem: Awareness.

46.Feb 6th, 2009reut

this is a great idea

47.Feb 6th, 2009Ruth Shekrel

Great idea and nice design! It offers a good solution to a problem which is affecting more and more countries. I'd like to see this product in a variety of colors.

48.Feb 5th, 2009Leanne

I think the idea of having water consumption metered right before your eyes as you use it is brilliant. Not sure why anyone would care about total consumption: my electrical meter in the basement tells me total electrical consumption, but I certainly don't sit down there and go whooo!! when I turn on and off the microwave, computer or hairdryer. This device (which could use better aesthetics) would totally make us aware of just how much water is flowing right when we can adjust our behaviour in

49.Feb 5th, 2009Avi

Brilliant idea...people need prompts and facts that are interactive....I hope this comes to market. Try to sell it on the Dragon's Den if the outcome here isn't as good as it should be

50.Feb 5th, 2009mic

I love the idea, I love the design and I love the color. And specially needed in deying contries...

51.Feb 5th, 2009May

i dont like it. that information its already on the bill of the water. its not that usefull because i need to buy almost 20 of this gadgets... and in the most of the items of my house (like toilets or showers).

52.Feb 5th, 2009water user

So are these available for purchase? I didn't see it anywhere for sale.

53.Feb 5th, 2009Isaac Torres Gijon

Great idea and good design, Ariel

54.Feb 5th, 2009ruthi gal

great idea and good design. i hope it will come in other colors to match.

55.Feb 5th, 2009fai

i feel that the material selection of ABS make the Bware sort of toy-like. I understand that this is due to u would like it to be produced from recycled ABS, but i personally feel that material such as aluminium or other recycled material can also be use and compliment the water taps or piped. Anyway, this is a great concept

56.Feb 5th, 2009Danny

Phenomenal, Very great idea

57.Feb 5th, 2009Anat Dvir

Very practical, great idea and it seem easy to install and use!

58.Feb 5th, 2009Einat

Nice and simple, yet would make a bigger impact on education and environment if the device was a "smart" one, and one could set it to stop the flow of water at a preset amount. This way you would have to use just this water quota to show/wash dishes etc....

59.Feb 5th, 2009baraki

Amazing and great product!!! good luck.

60.Feb 4th, 2009Amanda

Much like the competing "Blight" idea, this name detracts from your intent. I understand the pun of combining the two words, but Bware gives it a threatening and negative connotation.

61.Feb 4th, 2009gilad podgor

very very very good idea

62.Feb 4th, 2009Keren Trabelsi

absolutely necessary , just before we all dry out... thank you.

63.Feb 4th, 2009jerska

You can find very similar project by Viktor Legin shortlisted in James Dyson Award competition. Styling is different and idea of pipe adaptors is new, but in fact this is the weakest point in your design. e.g in tap situtation the effect of faucet aerator would be destroyed, while this simple component really helps saving water.

64.Feb 4th, 2009john

great idea, i will buy such a thing if it not going to be expensive. then teach myself to spend less water !!!

65.Feb 4th, 2009sondra

Can you design an adapter for bathtub faucets? Interesting to compare showers to baths. Community groups could own one and lend it out, so members can compare numbers.

66.Feb 4th, 2009Ed Earnhart

This is not a novel device. Already available on many smart water softeners. The application in a water softener allows total water house water consumption either for an entire day or instantaneous.

67.Feb 4th, 2009raoul

ok. i dig the idea. but why on earth does it have to be so ...well let's say it looks like a product designed by an engineer... you could argue it's all about the concept- but we should all know that it's not only that what makes a product convincing and successul. i would never ever hook this to my 400$ v

68.Feb 4th, 2009Jacu

Very nice idea, and by the way Eric, I don't see any reason why you could not connect the meter to your main water pipeexcept for the hassle of plumber work and masonry (at least in Italy where those pipelines are in the walls) as it says the "The Bware advance kit will include Wi-Fi connection and log software, making it easier to trace the water usage."

69.Feb 3rd, 2009John Kaz

Its a cool idea, but it has been done before again and again, at least two people in my final year in uni made prototypes of that, and that was 3 years ago.

70.Feb 3rd, 2009Eric Bernhard

I think this is a decent idea however it seems a little too much to have something like this on every source of water. If there was one where I could place on the source of water and monitor while using the water consuming devices I think that would be more efficient.

71.Feb 3rd, 2009mike

i loved it! practial

72.Feb 3rd, 2009Mini

Wonderful! How thoughtful and caring! the prospect of running out of water is so scary...Best of Luck!

73.Feb 3rd, 2009Edie

This is a great concept and a essential in every household!!!!!

74.Feb 3rd, 2009Charles Snyman

Looks ever so simple yet so efficeint and practical. A wonderful idea!

75.Feb 3rd, 2009spike

very very nice presentation!! in the "fake green" product category it works very well, but ....we really dont need that and the only saving it will do is saving some more money to the industry

76.Feb 3rd, 2009Mini

How toughtful and caring! Wonderful! The prospect of running out of water is so scary...Best of luck!

77.Feb 3rd, 2009Rachel Kezia Alex

makes us very aware of the water we use, and whether the reading coincides with the reading on the main water meter into the house.

78.Feb 3rd, 2009tamir

thhis is cool. awarness is the key for change. however i wonder how many ppl can change their habits and if those who can - will.... in any case - great little invention, i want one....

79.Feb 3rd, 2009ruth skrotzki

its a great product !!!!!!!!!!

80.Feb 3rd, 2009Nimrod

Astonishing design! great idea.

81.Feb 3rd, 2009mario

una idea sensacional para un control mas estricto del consumo del agua en todos los niveles ya que es un tema prioritario en nuestro tiempo

82.Feb 2nd, 2009Dylan MacDonald

Great idea! I had the same idea myself though I was focusing more on the networked aspect so you could monitor your water usage through a centralized web application. Please let me know if you commercialize this or need to. dylanmac [at] gmail

83.Feb 2nd, 2009Assaf T

SuperCool product

84.Feb 2nd, 2009shay

wow.... if its realy works its a great idea.

85.Feb 2nd, 2009lee-may

i think its a great product and should be in every house!

86.Feb 2nd, 2009heidi

this is a great idea. I think it would make a big difference.

87.Feb 2nd, 2009kile

I think it is essential gadget learning to save will help us to reserve the nature sources that going and disapearing

88.Feb 2nd, 2009judith

there is no way to vote....there isnt any VOTE butten...

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