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1.Feb 21st, 2009Josh J.

Not only is this a great idea for cutting unnecessary power consumption, it is a great solution for renters (like myself) who would like a power switch for multiple devices, like lights, when the building they live in was only set up with one or two switches per apartment. The idea that you can choose what devices get cut off and what stays on is great!

2.Feb 20th, 2009sunyatta

great- wall mount even better.

3.Feb 16th, 2009Nick Bover

Neat idea, but why would I want to reset the clocks and timers on my TV, DVD player, oven, etc., every time I come home? Most of the vampires in my home consume standby power because I want or need them to.

4.Feb 16th, 2009Will A.

The topic of lost energy is something that often crosses my mind. Having a very modest income I am always looking to save where I can. I think this product is a fun and creative answer.

5.Feb 14th, 2009Andrea Fanelli

Good idea indeed. Maybe it could include also a "timer" ot "timeout" function, so that "active mode" is permitted only as a consequence of an intentional action.

6.Feb 13th, 2009Karen Sisco

The amount of "vampire energy" that is consumed without our even noticing is stunning. Anything that helps people turn off things easily is a fantastic idea. In Ontario we have a Chief Conservation Officer who is trying to get this message across to everyone here constantly. Kudos for an outstanding design and best of luck.

7.Feb 12th, 2009Makaga


8.Feb 12th, 2009Brian

This is great. I'm aware of the vampire situation inside the home, and as of now I have one main power strip that holds the meanest vamps. Usually when I'm done I unplug the powerstrip giving the same result, but the idea of having a unit to plug in the gadgets of your choice for power save is great. I like the foot switch and also agree with sebastian that the main switch could be implemented differently. Tho this foot switch communicates quite well with only a few images, easy to pick up a

9.Feb 8th, 2009BJ

I really like this concept, but think the implementation needs further thought. As others have noted, children and pets would interfere and there doesn't appear to be a way to turn everything back on again. For these reasons, a wall switch makes a lot more sense. But there's also the issue of making sure all vampires are ready to be without power - eg have all computers been safely shut down? Could there be some kind of monitor supplying status info? Also some visual indicator of WattBlock

10.Feb 8th, 2009sebastian nielsen

I think a better idea would be a little kinetic sensor that is mounted inside the hole in the door frame where the deadbolt of your door lock goes in. When you leave your home, you lock the door, and all WattBlock things goes off. When you come home, you unlock the door and all WattBlock things goes on again. Then you dont need to remember to push the foot switch. You just lock and unlock the door as you are doing today. The deadbolt sensor could be piezoelectric, thus requiring no powe

11.Feb 7th, 2009Lee

I like the concept of having one spot to turn off all my power strips.

12.Feb 7th, 2009Fred

This concept could be new enough to get a patent on it. Child/pet resistant features could be engineered into the switch. For example: the switch activates only if enough pressure is exerted from an adult foot; or the switch needs a three second continuous pressure to turn on.

13.Feb 5th, 2009Leanne

This is brilliant. I admit to leaving most everything plugged in when I am out and as everything is plugged in behind furniture etc, this would be a fantastic way to power down at night and when I go out. I agree that my 3 yr old son would find it wonderful to stomp on at inconvenient times, unfortunately. Maybe a wall switch for those of us with kids.

14.Feb 5th, 2009John Q.

I also want to like this idea, but Jonathan has a good point. If the power source (receiver) is disabled, then how will it reactivate? OR Does the what block remained powered, thereby using less power than an item that is on standy (ie. PS3 or Xbox 360)? OR Perhaps a small rechargeable battery (recharged from the outlet when the block is reactivated to let power through) will keep the block on when the draining source is deactivated? It would be nice if you could also somehow choose which to re

15.Feb 5th, 2009scott gibson

WOW, you guys did it. killer of the phantom loads. congratulations... next??

16.Feb 5th, 2009Steve Gustafson

The description on WattBlocks is great---it could be used as is in advertisements.

17.Feb 4th, 2009Jonathan

How do you turn things back on? It seems to somewhat defeat the purpose if you have to repower all your vampire switched loads by stepping on something at the front door. It might make sense to have little reset switches on the individual boxes that would repower each unit separately until you step on the OFF pedal the next time.

18.Feb 4th, 2009Barb Gauger

Great idea! I could use a couple of these ASAP in my home!

19.Feb 3rd, 2009Scott Sullivan

Great idea, but not good if you have dogs or kids.

20.Feb 3rd, 2009Capra J'neva Devi

Very good user-centered reworking of the idea of putting power bars on each of these devices. I love that the switch is by the front door. Can it interface with my programmable thermostat and turn that down too? THAT would be worth it!

21.Feb 3rd, 2009Moon

Looks like a winner to me.

22.Feb 3rd, 2009G. Ann

Cool concept, but I'm afraid that after the 2nd or 3rd time my gadget didn't work because I forgot to do the dance when I came home, these would be history. :-/

23.Feb 3rd, 2009Beauregard Duke

Well done, Adam. I hope this wins out. I disagree with this Mr. "Nuk" -- this seems like a broad-market extension of the existing power strip concept.

24.Feb 3rd, 2009Bill

I like it a lot in concept. Very easy to use and setup. I like these solutions but find most of them too inconvenient (or perhaps I am too lazy). This makes things simple. Only concern is the power consumption of the watt block itself. I would also

25.Feb 3rd, 2009Fred Nuk

Great idea for a niche market of rational consumers. The market for this WattBlocks design would be larger if it were "child-proof" for households with children running around. Another feature to consider is to add some kind of automatic trip switc

26.Feb 3rd, 2009Richard Gauger

Great idea. Sweet design. I think this could make a difference in our home.

27.Feb 3rd, 2009Chris Latterell

Great idea! So simple a design. So practical a concept.

28.Feb 2nd, 2009Christopher

Very cool. I love this Idea.

29.Feb 2nd, 2009varinia

i love thisssss !!!! ...

30.Feb 2nd, 2009Bea Klugman

I love this idea! As it is, I put most of my electronics on power strips and then have to go around the apartment switching them off by hand. I often forget or am in a rush, but I think I could manage tapping my foot on a pedal on my way out the door

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