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1.Feb 20th, 2009Francisco L. Morato

Wonderful idea for charging our instruments of daily use. Hope it wins due to its simplicity - Good luck!

2.Feb 13th, 2009Pavel Perju

It's very great, very useful and green clean.

3.Feb 11th, 2009Paul T.

Great idea, would like to get one for myself.

4.Feb 11th, 2009TimW

Please tell me the gearing is different when turned by water. ie the dynamo turned many times by one turn of the blades when in water.

5.Feb 9th, 2009Miw

Great idea, very good luck !

6.Feb 7th, 2009adrian

Hey send me some information as well please. I am interested in purchasing one :) Cheers

7.Feb 6th, 2009franco

OK, buena idea. Please send me mor info because very interesting best regards Franco from Italy soco@soco.it

8.Feb 5th, 2009Yaelle Levy

great idea and nice design !

9.Feb 5th, 2009Beth

I'm not sure about this particular design, not knowing much about engineering. The concept is very exciting and could have many grand offshoots! Why can't we be more flexible with what kind of energy we have at a given moment? Water, Wind and (why not Solar too) all in one device, made as compact as possible! Yay! Keep groovin' with this idea!

10.Feb 5th, 2009Pieter

This is just a nicely shaped Savonius type windturbine. This has a very poor aerodynamic efficieny.

11.Feb 3rd, 2009liat bar on

thats a super idea! i liked it a lot!

12.Feb 3rd, 2009Michael

From an engineering standpoint having the same turbine blades for dealing with air and water (700 times denser than air) does not make much sense, also it is way to small to generate any power in air unless you are in a windstorm. The folded size doe

13.Feb 2nd, 2009scott gibson

I am into this idea, never considered wind and water from one device. hope it could be waterproof. foldable for mobile power is great. when you get one built let me know, would love to test it with ecopioneer program. good luck!!

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