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1.Feb 23rd, 2009rachel turner

(oops I got cut off mid-comment on last post) Perhaps the greenest thing about the comp is that it creates the opportunity to sense-check projects with other designers while they are still virtual!

2.Feb 21st, 2009rachel turner

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Was designed with the best of intentions: to resensitise people to standby mode

3.Feb 13th, 2009chris

no. no more manufactured "landfill" stuff nagging me to use less electricity / water / whatever. isn't that the media and elitists job is? give me effective products that add value to my life and sustain my planet.

4.Feb 11th, 2009Reffoh Mit

Interesting, "eye catching", but I fear that with a little time passing, and the novelty wears off, they would become invisible again, and we are back to looking for another gadget to remind us to not waste more energy. Maybe someone could market something that you wrap around your finger, and when you ask why it is there, you are reminded to turn off your monitors, etc. Oh wait, I think some string would work.....

5.Feb 6th, 2009I Ride My Bike

I agree entirely with Amanda.

6.Feb 5th, 2009Amanda

While I like the thought behind these, I think pushing them as a product is a mistake. They raise awareness, but are really just more junk saturating the market. BUT, I would love to see these as a guerilla art installation -- make a bunch, put them on display appliances in major retailers, put an informational pamphlet under the product, and tip off the press

7.Feb 5th, 2009Anon

Great for nothing but using natural resources. Another great green gadget. ;)

8.Feb 4th, 2009Dominic Hargreaves

I'll never look at the standby light in the same way!!

9.Feb 4th, 2009Woolstack

I love the simplicity. Using these low-cost little monsters as prompts for everyone (led by the kids) to turn off appliances on standby would have a great cost/benefit ratio for households and for the planet - family fun and educational!

10.Feb 4th, 2009jerska

It's "first impression design". After 30 sec. you start asking questions e,g. 1. Would I put it on my brand new high glossy (or whatever) surface of DVD, tuner etc.? 2. What's the point in making standby lights more appealing to children than they are now? To keep devices switched on?

11.Feb 3rd, 2009Pao Ko

Wow ~~ I like your idea.

12.Feb 3rd, 2009Phil

As a follow up to my previous statement, regarding 4 yr old boys who might like watching the eyes . . . For people who like "monster eyes", perhaps you can sell them a set of happy faces, or an oil well, or other characters (i.e. George W Bush icon)

13.Feb 3rd, 2009Sam F

Very cute. Several people work on green energy have told me that the biggest things people can do are the littlest, least sexy thing, like better discipline in turning off TVs and such. Sure, you could spend a few $$$s installing solar panels, or you

14.Feb 3rd, 2009Bmac

What??? Sorry but that is not a gadget, it is a gimmick! Standby lights are environmentally bad and and in this day and age how about inventing something that turns the standby light off......Not worthy of a semi final in my opinion

15.Feb 3rd, 2009Chris Small

Scarily creative - great idea! Got my vote!

16.Feb 3rd, 2009Rich

Sweet little eco prompt, gets the message across without lecturing people.

17.Feb 2nd, 2009Mitch

Very clever!

18.Feb 2nd, 2009John Lee

Excellent work, simple yet amazing. You earned my vote, hope you can get to the top 10 finalist.

19.Feb 2nd, 2009Sema

Wow this is amazing Rachel! i hope it encourages people to save electricity! best of luck!

20.Feb 2nd, 2009Bart

Cute. But is this a gadget?

21.Feb 2nd, 2009Paul Cobbold

Two eyes are better than one. Undoubtedly. Brilliant!

22.Feb 2nd, 2009Fai O.wattana

wow... such a great idea... very original.. realli like it :P

23.Feb 2nd, 2009catherine gill

thats such a great idea! very original :)

24.Feb 2nd, 2009Stephen Reed

I like the way this concept changes our perception of something that we take for granted.

25.Feb 2nd, 2009Hannah Parker

Inspired, what a fantastic idea What a great way to get kids and adults alike to be more aware of their energy usage

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