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1.Feb 20th, 2009Ahsan Khan

Great Idea! And definitely show this to REI!

2.Feb 17th, 2009Michael Anderson

Very clever. Show this to REI.

3.Feb 16th, 2009SU

This concept is fantastic! But, I have seen before similar concept and shape at the Korean concept site.. You'll see at

4.Feb 13th, 2009Karen Sisco

Absolutely superb, elegant concept. Make me your rep and I will sell thousands for you as soon as it is in production! Thank you.

5.Feb 9th, 2009slimest

Good idea. As far as I see there is an empty cylindric space inside this lite. What if you put accumulators, charging controller and LEDs inside only single cylindric module and attach it to the solar cell film edge? Should be more compact and cheap... Please excuse me for bad English, but I couldn't resist.

6.Feb 8th, 2009Kris

The design and application of this product is superb! I can't wait to see it in stores so I can add it to my emergency kit and for camping.

7.Feb 7th, 2009Lee

It needs universal adapters so you can do away with all those heavy power units that come with every device you might need to haul with you in a business bag. If it could power all the stuff I haul around... bingo.

8.Feb 7th, 2009Random Hero

Simply put, I freaking like this! If the price wasn't to high, probably between $20-30) I would buy this.

9.Feb 5th, 2009John Q.

This is absolutely beautiful in design and practicality. I would immediately buy this product if it came out. I can't tell from the schematics, but if it isn't already, may I suggest making the "pen lights" somewhat easilty removable. I can't recall how many times I'm the only one with a flashlight in a group hike. It would be nice to "share the light", in a sense, without having them huddle around me and tripping over each others feet. Also, check on the research for solar

10.Feb 5th, 2009Francisco Campos Herrera

wow....thats an interesting design, and could change the way that people live with the electronical devices.....congratulations

11.Feb 5th, 2009Austin

This is fantastic. I hope you can get this to production some day soon.

12.Feb 5th, 2009b3k

Great great great design! Looking forward to getting one at the store.

13.Feb 3rd, 2009Michael Crumpton

Very elegant design and concept. My only suggestions would be to have the batteries be AA, and that way it could also be used as a solar battery charger, rather than just a power source for usb plug in devices, and to make the individual flashlights

14.Feb 2nd, 2009vittorio

very cool, very nice, very original and versatile

15.Feb 2nd, 2009Nad

This is absolutely fantastic ! I love your idea ! Slick, elegant , most of all super efficient. BEST of luck !

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