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1.Feb 17th, 2009CF

It's certainly a good idea for a green gadget. But as designers we should not forget that we are judging form and esthetics too. How can green gadgets become cool objects that people crave if they look awful.

2.Feb 17th, 2009Dave

It looks like your on the right track. here is a similar product developed by Black and Decker and Bressler Group. Check out the "See Products in Action" section on this page.

3.Feb 10th, 2009Chris

@ John Q. The power this device may consume could not even begin to compare with a problem in insulation in a house that would leak (hot or cold depending on the season) 24 / 7 / 365. Great Idea.

4.Feb 10th, 2009Samir

This is definitely the tool to help people save money and contribute a great deal with small efforts. This is how we manage all the negative cost emissions r├ęductions... Hope it really works

5.Feb 5th, 2009John Q.

Good idea, but the projection distance is a concern. It may also cause consumers to stick with standard thermal imaging camera's plugged into small monitors. There is also the issue with power consumption to actively use this during work.

6.Feb 5th, 2009Beth

That's a very useful tool! I was hoping that someone who did an energy audit would use something like that. Rock on!

7.Feb 5th, 2009Tom34

That's smart!

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