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1.Feb 20th, 2009jo

definitely every grocer, druggist and convenience store that cares about combining awareness of planet and good service products for customers should stock this on shelves that are easily noticed. need to feel guilty about being squeaky-clean when doing a minimum....great!

2.Feb 18th, 2009Trav

really great idea. i wouldn't have the piles of laundry i currently have in my apartment if i had one of these. especially seems useful for socks, underwear, etc. which are the things i certainly find myself needing to wash the most frequently and doing a load just for those things seems so wasteful (so the piles begin...)

3.Feb 17th, 2009Eileen Creely

I would love to get one of these. What a time

4.Feb 17th, 2009Muriel Z.

I would love one. No more handwashing of small personal items. Where can I get one?

5.Feb 14th, 2009christy herman

This would lend itself well to use in RV's and boats as well as at home - I live on a boat, do very small batches of wash by hand regularly (sometimes in seawater) and this would be very handy. Get it on the market quickly!

6.Feb 14th, 2009Diane S.

Very nice - travel size, light and easy, perfect for a road trip.

7.Feb 14th, 2009Steve Sobelman

Great - small, light, easy, completely eco-friendly.

8.Feb 13th, 2009RI Brent

Fast. Simple. Green. Perfect for Europe, Scandinavia and Russian Markets.

9.Feb 11th, 2009Spencer

Whoda thunk! Awesome!!!!

10.Feb 11th, 2009Chris Z

Great idea! Where can you find one?

11.Feb 11th, 2009Gayle Perry

Great idea! How amazing if you could make it solar powered!!

12.Feb 7th, 2009Lee

I would have never thought of that particular use of a salad spinner! But this is a good idea for small apts

13.Feb 7th, 2009Pamela Toder

Great idea!! I love it!

14.Feb 7th, 2009jane

perfect idea when you don't have a washer - and it's "green" too. Couldn't be more perfect for our ski place when you want to wash your thermal and sox! I want one

15.Feb 7th, 2009HillaryO

What a great concept. I love this idea!

16.Feb 5th, 2009Scott

love this idea for my kid in college

17.Feb 5th, 2009Tasha

I like the salad spinner idea, however there are hand crank washers already on the market that utilize pressure to clean as well. The spin feature however is something a bit better, due to having to wring out the clothes without it. :)

18.Feb 4th, 2009Yvette

As an apartment dweller, I'd love to have one of these. I would be perfect for washing my cycling clothes instead of letting them ferment until I have enough laundry for a full load.

19.Feb 4th, 2009Ayla

how much would this cost? it seems like a good idea for poor students in apartments

20.Feb 4th, 2009Jeanine

Great to wash kids' bathing suits right after swim practice in between larger laundry loads so suits don't fall apart.

21.Feb 3rd, 2009Dorothy

Ideal for family camping or multi-day car trips.

22.Feb 2nd, 2009Christopher

Hmm...certainly a great idea for people who live in an apartment, dorm or other housing unit in which there is a lack of space and the services of a laundromat are required. I believe they already have these in Japan, though.

23.Feb 2nd, 2009Drew

Great device, however, I have seen similar (except for styling) items currently for sale.

24.Feb 2nd, 2009Kimmy

This is a fabulous gadget...every girl has to have this under her bathroom sink! I am always having to do a million loads of laundry...and than an extra for my unmentionables...which gets super expensive in New York. This will save me tons of time a

25.Feb 2nd, 2009Fiona

Lovely idea, great for smalls. :)

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