Tweet-a-Watt, A twittering power meter Limor Fried, Adafruit Industries & Phillip Torrone, MAKE magazine (United States)  12 Comments
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1.Feb 20th, 2009Herc

niche, maybe. elitist? hardly!

2.Feb 11th, 2009Amanda

I like this and it's certainly inventive, but it somewhat reinforces the elitism that many find in green products. <br><br>This is only of use to a select few: those with the money and time for smart phones and micro-blogging. While every bit of awareness helps, <i>very many</i> people are left out. I think, though, that its basic idea has a lot of potential in broader applications.

3.Feb 9th, 2009RobotGrrl

Yay! 300th vote :) GL Limor.

4.Feb 7th, 2009limor

published code, schematics and assembly instructions are at thx!

5.Feb 6th, 2009greenhornet

This is a great project and I actually tried to convince a buddy of mine to look into something like this a couple months ago. Does anyone know when the source and schematics will be published publicly? Thank you for your efforts!

6.Feb 5th, 2009dan goldwater

no fair! you can't post working hardware to a design competition! go get out your photoshop and show us something that defies all laws of thermodynamics/physics/ROI like the rest of the entries. <br> F'ing engineers.

7.Feb 5th, 2009Googlr

Information is king. Just like how we keep ourself informed with our banks or shares, if we can be informed for our usage then that should make a world of difference. We are psycologically wired to function if the info is constantly feeded to us.

8.Feb 5th, 2009Sabyasachi Das

This is a great idea .We are infact developing next generation smart energy solution for consumer as well as for electricity grid. Like to talk to like minded person

9.Feb 3rd, 2009Nina

This is terrific. Perhaps Mr. Obama should have one of these for the White House. Then we can all see how much juice the feds are really using.

10.Feb 3rd, 2009Duncan

Love this!

11.Feb 3rd, 2009Michael

This is a great idea for energy efficiency surveyors. They could plug a bunch of these in a home and it would let you monitor in real time what the energy demands are without having to be on site. These will be manufactured.

12.Feb 2nd, 2009Bill Morgan

I like that this project is here-and-now real, ready to start making a difference today.

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