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Dear Design Fans,

The bright universe that is our jury line-up for the Core77 2012 Design Awards is rapidly expanding.

Last week, we announced our first amazing jury teams, assembled by six of our Jury Captains. Today, we're proud to bring you the second stellar group. From Michael Sorkin to Sofia Lagerkvist, check out the full constellation of design stars and their far reaching coordinates. Then prepare to submit your work by March 13 to take advantage of our Earlybird Discount. Enter our annual celebration of excellence, enterprise and intent. It's your time to shine!

Among the jury teams that we've revealed thus far, we're especially glad to see Marc Brétillot's team for the brand new Food Design category. In fact, we're so excited about the new category that we'll be spending the month of March taking a closer look at the innovations and issues surrounding Food Design. Two case studies kick off our food features: Ento, designing a roadmap to edible insects while a designer and chef deconstruct the traditional Danish open-faced sandwich, smørrebrød.

Hungrily Yours,

Core Jr.

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Feature One


A team of four graduate students in the Innovation Design Engineering program at the Royal College of Art didn't realize that their project—to tackle the growing issue of food supply in an increasingly hungry world—would ultimately lead them to the discovery, among others that baked waxworms taste like roasted pistachios. Ento, a roadmap for introducing edible insects to the Western diet, is the result of months of research, fueled by strategic design thinking and plenty of pan-fried locusts.


Feature Two

SMØRREBRØD: Designing and Deconstructing the Vernacular

The emergence of New Nordic cuisine is a testament to food as a design product. Jens Martin Skibsted, a designer, and Bo Lindegaard, a chef, have worked together to redesign the Danish open-faced sandwich, smørrebrød. The initial approach was to deconstruct the design to its base elements: Carbohydrates + meat + garnish = mouthful. Keywords were modular, aesthetic, innovative, fast and healthy. A glance at some of the wonderful possibilities.


Feature Three


Doctoral candidate James Self explores the dichotomy of CAD vs. sketching. Instead of setting constraints or limitations to dictate where and under what circumstances design tools must be used, design education needs to provide opportunities for young designers to reflect upon the nature of their own design activity and how this informs their use of design tools. This awareness will then provide opportunities for students to make more informed decisions when working with design tools; to be more critical in their use of CAD tools and more confident in their own sketching abilities.


Feature Four


All designers recognize collaboration as fundamental to the process of design. Whether it's collaborating across disciplines or within a single studio, the profession is strengthened by this unique tenet. What possibilities open when designers consider time and place as collaborators in their work? René Redzepi, an owner and chef of Copenhagen's Noma restaurant, leverages both to design a daily meditation on the plate. Dan Pearson, London-based landscape architect, delights in the unexpected dimensions of collaborating with time and place.


Feature Five


The London Design Museum's annual exploration of the most innovative, interesting and forward-looking work in design of all kinds, from around the world. Photography by Cemal Okten.


Feature Six


Jon Kolko's new book, Wicked Problems tackles problems where the product itself is only part of the problem. What Kolko aims to tackle are social and policy problems, and he subtitles his book "Problems worth Solving," though the very formulation of wicked problems undermines the notion of a particular "solution." Reviewed by Robert Blinn.




Timon Sager
Zug, Switzerland

Chen Liu
Providence, Rhode Island

Jaineel Shah
Pune, India

Miranda Danusugondo
New York, New York

Serdar Soyal
Cerizay, France

Design Jobs


Design Director
New York, New York

Industrial Design Lead - City/Urban
Specialized Bicycle Components
Morgan Hill, California

Interactive Designer
Obama for America
Chicago, Illinois

Product Designer
London, United Kingdom

Graphic Designer
Yakima Products, Inc.
Beaverton, Oregon

Visual Design Director
San Francisco, California

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