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June 2012

Greetings Design Fans,

After the whirlwind of NY Design Week, we're excited to bring you our full coverage of the best and brightest from the week's festivities including editor's picks, photo gallery and more! Speaking of the best and brightest, check out the full gallery of Core77's debut All City All Stars exhibition during NY Design Week—we showcased 35 New York City-based designers representing all five boroughs in our showcase!

Our two newest columns arrive just in time for summer reading—Steve Portigal argues for the Power of Bad Ideas. And as you rev-up the engine on your summer vacation plans, take a moment to contemplate Don Norman's newest column on automobile reviews. But before you get too relaxed, MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the live announcements of the 2012 Core77 Design Awards. July 8-16. 9 Days. 17 Categories. Eight Countries. 74 Jurors. Live!!

Happy Summer,

LinYee Yuan, Managing Editor

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Feature One


From Broadway to Rockaway, Pelham to Freshkills, 8.2 million people call New York City home. On the occasion of NY Design Week, Core77 took a moment to survey the landscape of all five boroughs with an open call to designers to represent their hometown. Since its very beginnings, the city has been a trading grounds—a venue at the crossroads of ideas, commerce, materials and innovation. The 35 designers representing nearly as many neighborhoods in the ALL CITY ALL STARS continue to explore that space, negotiating technologies, materials, histories and futures in the crucible of a dynamic city.


Feature Two


Since launching the Core77 Design Awards program last year, we've had an incredible outpouring of support from all corners of the design community and we couldn't be more delighted at the huge amount of participation this year. With that being said, there's more excitement to come! Mark your calendars because July 8-16 we will be broadcasting LIVE over 9 days from eight countries with our distinguished judges announcing the winners for our 17 categories.


Feature Three


Ideation, or if you prefer, brainstorming, is a structured activity with many degrees of freedom within that structure. When leading sessions, I emphasize divergent, generative thinking, and ask participants to defer evaluation and prioritization. Defer, not disregard. Of course we need to bring convergence into the process, but not until later. As you'd expect, much of the energy and focus for these ideation sessions is on the creation of good ideas. But there's an interesting important role for bad ideas to play. By Steve Portigal


Feature Four


What if all of that brain power could be put toward social issues, like finding a way out of poverty? Catalysts for Change, a game initiative put out this past April by the Institute for the Future, is an attempt to do just that. It ran off their popular Foresight Engine, a game platform originally designed by Jane McGonigal to drive insights and innovation through an aggregate of hundreds of mini, 140-character forecasts structured in a fast-paced card game.


Feature Five


Like many of you, I live in the 21st century, a time when society is recognizing the damage done to the environment through our inattention to the side effects of our technologies. But one specialized niche of the world still lives in the 20th century: those who write the automobile reviews for magazines and newspapers. By Don Norman.


Feature Six


Commemorating their 'Vicennial' anniversary on the occasion of the ICFF, our friends at the Dutch-via-NYC design company share an abridged history. Founder Jan van der Lande was happy to indulge us with the inside scoop on particularly memorable moments of the past two decades, adding a few anecdotes to the comprehensive chronology.


Feature Seven


The best of NY Design Week 2012. Bright colors, mixed materials, primitive shapes and multi-functional objects permeated the collections we saw at ICFF, WantedDesign and NoHo Design District. A bubbling of satellite shows (including the Core77 Open Exhibition) also injected a new sense of excitement. We especially loved American Design Club's Raw and Unfiltered exhibition, Model Citizens and Matter's Next World Exhibition hosted in a former subway station entrance.




Viv Feng
Brooklyn, New York

Michael Barthels
Berlin, Germany

Jean-Francois Fullum
North Reading, Massachusetts

Matt Betteker
Billund, Denmark

Ivan Ponce
Portland, Oregon

Design Jobs


UI / Rapid Prototyping
Intel Corporation
Beaverton, Oregon

Injection Mold Designer
Wirral, United Kingdom

Sr. Manager, Interaction Design
Best Buy
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Web Designer
Marvel Entertainment
New York, New York

Lecturer - Digital Design Comms
Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand

Dress Designer
BCBG Max Azria Group
Vernon, California

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Protothon: Designing Hands-on Learning Experiences
Through June 14, 2011
San Francisco, California

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2012
June 22, 2012
Boston, Massachusetts

MoMA Design Store Open Call for NYC Designers
Deadline: June 30, 2012

July 19–22, 2012

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Forum Frenzy


What's the Meaning of Designed in USA?
"Since core77 & RKS are hosting a redesign challenge of RKS's "Designed in USA" logo, I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about these issues:

1. What would qualify such a claim on a package?
2. What would be the benefits of making such a claim?
3. How would we, as the designers, judge whether our design (perhaps worked on collaboratively with others elsewhere) is 'Designed in U.S.A.'?"
by davidhu


Hiding the Mess
"I have been tasked with covering up this electronics mess with something slick to slap our logo on. We've got 6 of these to cover.

The only things I've designed for production are small aluminum milled parts in SolidWorks. And we order these by the hundreds, not handful. I am very lost with this one.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? The boss thinks a curved plastic cover would look cool. I was leaning towards some angular sheet metal. In any case, I wouldn't know how to proceed down either of these paths. I would like to go with something that isn't going to cost big $ up front in tooling..."
by dommurph


New Ride: Best Mix of MPG and Cargo Space? (Also Price)
"Hey everyone,

Lately I have been on this kick of looking for a cheaper more utilitarian secondary vehicle, it needs to solve 2 problems for me:
1. Get noticeably better gas mileage than the 2 cars my gf and i have now (me - saturn aura: combined 23-24mpg-ish, her - cadillac catera: combined 18mpg), the fuel savings will help balance the cost of a 2nd vehicle.
2. have lots of cargo space as im realizing that i have some large items that i am often hauling, namely my pro audio speakers. hatch opening needs to be at least 26" height..."
by dziner82


ID at 23.
"I've been struggling with my current degree in chemistry only to realize about a couple of months ago, before 3 semesters from finishing that the degree I was studying for is not geared to me. I've always been a visual creature, thinking of additions, modifications to objects and thinking of practical solutions to problems in the world. I have notebooks full of all kinds of inventions and ideas. Somehow ID never crossed my mind, even though it's pretty much what I've been doing all my life in my head. I have no idea how that became an oversight..."
by core78


Making of Leica M9-P
"...I love the way they still opt for some hand finishing methods over computerised options. Painting the F-stop numbers in for example."
by mappdaniel


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