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November 2012

Greetings Design Fans,

After a tumultuous two weeks, we're back to business as usual here at Core77 HQ in New York City. Thanks to all the friends who sent well-wishes our way. While we're doing well in our offices, there are plenty of people on the Eastern seaboard that could use a helping hand. Core77's editors sent Dispatches from the Dark during the recovery and for those outside the tri-state area here's some resources for how to help those affected by the hurricane.

Elsewhere around the globe, our writers are sharing design insights and inspiration from Kampala to Beijing, Chicago to British Columbia. And of course, we've been filing live reporting from Design Festivals around the world. See full coverage of Tokyo (which wrapped up this week) and highlights from Vienna, Beijing and London!

Happy Hunting,

LinYee Yuan

Executive Editor

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Feature One


The grandeur of the 2008 Olympic ceremony in Beijing was very much in line with the Chinese inclination for creating a buzz about a new launch, or a new product, through impressive crowd-pleasing productions. It reflects the importance of—and respect for—ceremony. Roland Boal, head of Priestman Goode China, reflects on the business of opening ceremonies in the country.


Feature Two


An Xiao Mina has been living in Kampala, Uganda, for the past month now, and it's been a treasure trove for design observations. From the city's many tech incubation hubs to the wide variety of formal and informal solutions to everyday challenges, creativity can be found everywhere. In the spirit of Tricia Wang's Instagram ethnography, she shares a few field shots, with some notes added for context.


Feature Three


With millions of acres of pine decimated by a plague of mountain pine beetles, how is the industry responding to the influx of raw materials? Core77 editor Rain Noe takes a closer look at the raw materials disaster and shares the challenges and triumphs of the design and manufacturing industries.


Feature Four


Reporting from this year's Design Research Conference in Chicago, Ciara Taylor takes a look at the actual design of the conference, its interactive sessions, and the future of design research and strategy.


Feature Five


We were back in Beijing for the 2nd annual Beijing Design Week festivities. It was exciting to engage in the conversations surrounding the future of design and craft in a country with over 5000 years of craft history and a reputation of being the manufacturing capital for the world. Here's a roundup of our favorite projects and designers!


Feature Six


Whether you buy a T-Shirt or contribute to relief efforts through time or donations, we take a look at how some of our friends are giving aid to people and organizations in need.




Stefan Reichert
Santa Barbara, California

Karl Mynhardt
Cape Town, South Africa

Mathieu Baptiste

Susan Christianen

Alexandra Baker
Asheville, North Carolina

Design Jobs


Product Development and Product Design Designer
Kikkerland Design Inc.
New York, New York

Senior Footwear Designer
Nuremberg, Germany

Art Director (Digital)
lululemon athletica
Vancouver, Canada

Design Engineer
Oakley, Inc.
Lake Forest, California

Content Strategist, Interactive
Charles Schwab Creative Services
Austin, Texas

Design Intern
littleBits Electronics
New York, New York

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Featured Competition:
PENSOLE x Two Ten Footwear Foundation Masterclass Scholarships
Deadline: December 15, 2012

November 8–9, 2012
New York, New York

The Battery Conservancy Americas Design Competition
Deadline Extended to November 19, 2012

modeLab Fall 2012 Webniar Series
Through November 30, 2012

Optional Features: Selections from Woodbury San Diego
November 29, 2012
Los Angeles, California

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Top Blog Posts


Walter Tschinkel's Aluminum Casts of Ant Colonies Reveals Insect Architecture

Must-See Video: How a Woman With No Arms Dresses Herself. What Assistance Can Design Provide?

Thonet Concept Bike Raises the Suspension-of-Disbelief Question Once Again

How Johannes Langeder Constructed His Pedal-Powered Porsche & Ferrari

U.S. Soldiers' Combat Invention Inspired by "Predator" Movie

Forum Frenzy


Nest Thermostat 2.0
"Just got an email there is a new Nest 2.0 thermostat out. 20% thinner and one pc. stainless bezel.

Looks sweet. Just ordered one (they didn't ship to Canada previously, but seem to do so now) on a whim.

Anyone actually see this thing in person and use it?"
by rkuchinsky


Need a New Ride, Budget Edition
"So I am a recent graduate and have been driving my parent's car to commute to work (60 miles a day). last week It might have finally given up the ghost and I need to find a new car fairly quickly. I'm not much of a car buff, so I figured there might some people here on Core77 that can give advice. Any car recommendations for a designer on a budget? Due to the commute listed above the MPG is a factor to consider."
by Johnathan


Good Design You Love to Have
"Inspired by the 'bad design' thread, how about the best designed item you own?

For me, it's the Kindle. Before I got it, the only books I'd bought in the last 5+ years were design books. The reasons were partially because I was a student and didn't want to fill up my temporary apartments with books, but also because I didn't think I had time to read anymore. But then I stumbled on a number of non-fiction book tips and stopped being a student, so I grabbed a Kindle before I left the UK..."
by eobet


How Capitalism Can Save Art
"An interesting point of view by Camille Paglia in today's Wall Street Journal:

'The vulnerability of students and faculty alike to factitious theory about the arts is in large part due to the bourgeois drift of the last half century. Our woefully shrunken industrial base means that today's college-bound young people rarely have direct contact any longer with the manual trades, which share skills, methods and materials with artistic workmanship.'..."
by Lmo


Major Change to Industrial Design / Student Loans
"I know Core77 has seen tons of these kinds of posts so please excuse my repetition. I'm turning 18 later this month and I've come to realize that if I keep going on the career track I am going (Education) I'm going to wind up like my parents- always wishing and swearing that they would have had a better life if they had pursued their passions. Now, I know no plan or pursuit is perfect, but I feel like the best thing I can do is avoid laying down and dying in the major I'm currently in..."
by rbcquest


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