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December 2012

Greetings Design Fans,

For our eighth annual Ultimate Gift Guide, Core77's crack editors have identified a taxonomy of seven known 'Designer Phenotypes' who might be on your shopping list. From Designer Dandy to Studio Snob, Homebound Hobbit to Workshop Workhorse, we have something for the discerning gift giver and recipient alike.

In addition to our beloved online Gift Guide, we're also pleased to announce that we've partnered with Blu Dot in New York City and our sister store Hand Eye Supply in Portland, OR, to open bicoastal Holiday Pop-Up Shops for your shopping convenience. Stop by before December 24th to check out the product in person and pick up a poster featuring all seven designer phenotypes, illustrated by Core-toonist Tony Ruth, a.k.a. lunchbreath (while supplies last).

Stumped on what to get your design-o-phile friends this holiday season? Need a quick wish list to share with family? Shop online or in person—there's still time to get the perfect gift for your friends, your family and yourself!

Happy Holidays!

Allan Chochinov

Editor in Chief

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Feature One


Stumped on what to get your design-o-phile friends this holiday season? Need a quick wish list to share with family? Shop online or in person—there's still time to get the perfect gift for your friends, your family and yourself! Plus, while supplies last, take home a handy poster-sized guide to identify the designer phenotypes in the field, featuring the beautiful illustrations of Core-toonist Tony Ruth, aka lunchbreath.


Feature Two


Thanks to you, the last two years have been a huge success for the Core77 Design Awards. As you look back on all the work you've done this year, ready your best projects for entry into the 2013 Core77 Design Awards. Projects submitted between now and January 31, 2013 will receive an earlybird discount of 20% off of the entry fee. Get Started Today! We look forward to seeing your best work.


Feature Three


Congratulations to the winners of the Design for (Your) Product Lifetime Student Challenge presented by Autodesk! In this challenge, Core77, Autodesk and iFixit asked students to design a smart product that is smarter environmentally; a product that can be repaired and will stand the test of time, even if some of its components need to be replaced.


Feature Four


Core77 Editor hipstomp takes a deep dive into the history and development of the Mercedes 300SL—how it came to be and why it's so special from a design perspective.


Feature Five


Why do certain innovation efforts fail? As businesses optimize growith and performance, innovation efforts become characteristically out of phase with the rest of the organization. Columnist Tad Toulis considers another side of innovation, inviting useful antagonism into an organization.


Feature Six


Our highlights from this year's Tokyo Design Week with the first batch of products from Design Tide Tokyo. This year's design presentations emphasized natural materials, further integration of new technologies and traditional forms that delight in new ways.




Samuel Bernier
Montreal, Canada

Rachel Lopdrup
Orlando, Florida

Luke Jenkins
San Diego, California

Robb Leef
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Samuel Jones
London, United Kingdom

Design Jobs


Senior UI Designer - Medical/Technical
West Newton, Massachusetts

Experience Designer (UX)
Deutsch LA, Inc.
Los Angeles, California

Designers (Multiple Positions)
DSK ISD International Campus
Pune, India

Architecture / Product Design Interns
Studio Dror
New York, New York

Industrial Designer
Good Sheet Companies - Loll Designs
Duluth, Minnesota

Head of User Experience Design, Amazon Digital Music
San Francisco, California

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Featured Event:
Core77 Designer Gift Guide Pop-Up Shops
Through December 24, 2012 New York, NY & Portland, OR

Technology-Driven Design or Design-Driven Technology? with Sosolimited
December 11, 2012
Boston, Massachusetts

Eero Saarinen: A Reputation for Innovation
Through January 3, 2012
Los Angeles, California

ISUDA Bike Share Design Competition
Deadline January 13, 2013

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ICHEG Acquires 250 Atari Industrial Design Department Drawings, Plans Exhibitions

Walmart's New Supercube: Increase Sustainability by... Designing Bigger Trucks?

How the Heck Does This Work? Julien Vidame's Convention-Defying Extendable Table

A Fixed Thing Is a Beautiful Thing: The Fixer's Manifesto

All Chips On the Table: The Bicycle Art and Design of Garrett Chow - Exhibition & Exclusive Interview

Forum Frenzy


Design Challenge: Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025
One of two threads on the L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge veers into a passionate discussion about British sportscars...
by scrotum


Doubts on Tesla/Fisker
"Just read this last week: 'This is why the sprawling hangar-size rooms of Ford's Building 4 are full of machines... Ford isn't trying to ensure the gas-pedal hinge will never break. The company knows it will break; its engineers are trying to understand when—and how and why—this will happen.'

Then, I read [that] 'Hurricane Sandy (may have) set 16 Fisker Karma plug-in hybrids on fire...'

This is why I still have doubts over Tesla and Fisker. Cars are so complicated and a small manufacturing error can mean dead drivers. A small start up like Tesla or Fisker that are trying to leap ahead of the industry is a real hail mary.

I have to say, I've grown a little more optimistic with Tesla. They seem to understand the risks and are going much slower than they seemed to suggest earlier on. Fisker seems to have shipped a bunch of cars that were in serious beta stage."
by Mr-914


Adidas Next Step
"For the purpose of making more dynamic the shoe community, I invite you to participate in a collective design proposals for adidas basketball...

The goals are:
1. Get feedback.
2. - To shine stronger muscles, and strengthen the weaker muscles.
3. - Calling attention to the Adidas brand, giving a look at this forum, submit for consideration this excercise of creativity in the adidas site./
4. - May open a door for those who have opportunities for an internship within the company."
by victordcantu


How can I use a Business Degree in the field of Design?
"Simply put, I love everything architecture, art, and design (with specific attention to branding and industrial design). I have a business degree and I want to move into the field of design without getting a bachelors/masters of design (although this is not completely off the table).

Does anyone have any practical experience/knowledge in this matter? What kind of positions exist? What are the normal entry requirements, or the standard paths to success? Is it even possible to move into the design world with a business degree?..."
by coffeekicker


Mechanical Engineers Invading ID
"How is it perceived to see ME's in the design market? As I get closer to product development projects I tend to lean to the creative side of the process. I can't necessarily justify going through the academic process of getting an ID degree and internship etc., when I'm already established as an engineer, so I've been incorporating what I'm learning here in the projects I work on. Do you see ME's with portfolio's? Do they differ from the norm?"
by Random Though Processed


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