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January 2013

Greetings Design Fans,

The Time is Here! The Core77 Design Awards is open for entry. Ready your best work and enter it into any of our 17 progressive categories honoring the richness of the design profession and its practitioners. And if you register now, we'll send you a limited edition Core77 Design Awards poster designed by New York City-based firm, Zut Alors! Enter before January 31st to receive a 20% discount!

From Consumer Products to DIY, Service Design to Writing & Commentary, the Core77 Design Awards provides designers, researchers and writers a unique opportunity to communicate the intent, rigor and passion behind their efforts. We also offer 15 designated student sections within our 17 categories. And with globally distributed jury teams, the individuals who will be considering your work are expert practitioners in the field. Our awesome trophy, designed by Rich Brilliant Willing, is a DIY mold that truly celebrates the teamwork behind design. So don't delay—we are now accepting projects launched anytime between January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013. Begin preparing your entry today.

Looking Forward to Seeing Your Work,

LinYee Yuan

Executive Editor

    App to the Future Windows Phone Design Challenge      Philadelphia University M.S. in Industrial Design



Feature One


Besides our Top 25 Top Stories from 2012, Core77's editors and contributors have put together a great roundup of the most interesting ideas in Digital Fabrication, Crowdfunding, Transportation, Design Aesthetics and Hip Hop that will influence the way we design in the coming year.


Feature Two


A look at one man's journey to manufacture a line of accessories in the United States and what led him to launch Maker's Row, a directory of factories and materials suppliers for designers who want to keep it local.


Feature Three


Cameron Tonkinwise shares his reflections on the 2012 Design Ethos DO-ference and challenges designers, educators and conference organizers to do more in the coming year. "Once someone has proved that conferences can be so much more valuable, by having well-prepared, timely DO-ference components, there is no going back."


Feature Four


In his third column on product licensing, Bruce Tharp examines the confidentiality conundrum and the Buddhist notion of the "beginner's mind." After the decision to license a product, the first question that is almost always asked is, "What's to keep a company from stealing my idea after I show it to them?"


Feature Five


hipstomp looks at the machine shop skills that it takes to produce the classic Turner's Cube. Would you be able to produce this competency test?




Martin Esteva
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jacqueline Gonzalez
Pasadena, California

Jake Horsey
Sunderland, Massachusetts

Brigitte Monet Boyer
New York, New York

Kevin Boulton
Northampton, United Kingdom

Design Jobs


Interaction Designer
San Francisco, California

Industrial Designer
DCI / Decor Craft Inc.
Providence, Rhode Island

Creative Internships
Hallmark Cards
Kansas City, Missouri

Industrial Design Intern
Hamburg, Germany

Senior Outerwear Designer
Columbia Sportswear
Portland, Oregon

Art Director / Sr. Designer
littleBits Electronics
New York, New York

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Featured Competition:
App to the Future Design Challenge
Deadline: February 3

Design the Life You Love Workshop with Ayse Birsel
January 12 New York, New York

American Design in Paris
From January 16
Paris, France

Interaction13 by the Interaction Design Association
January 27–31
Toronto, Canada

IDSA International Design Excellance Awards 2013
Deadline: February 11

New York's Next Top Makers Competition
Deadline: February 13

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Top Blog Posts


Bicycles Make for Better Cities: Bike Hacks & Tragedies Inspire Sparse, a New Cycling Accessory Company

An Architecture Firm Takes the Hobbit House Seriously

Different Designs for Splitting Logs

Two of a Kind: Ultraminimal iPhone 5 Cases

Elaborate Set Designs Saved by Magic (and Check Out the Bad-Ass Snake Door)

Forum Frenzy


Women in Industrial Design
“Question: Why are there so few women working as industrial designers? Are there any studies/surveys conducted that seek reasons as to why this is the case?

Prior to landing a full-time ID position, I did notice a off-set number between men and women in my previous internships/freelancing jobs. Didn't think much of it. During college, Femme Den from Smart Design presented at our school of successful case studies they've conducted with various companies. Again, I didn't really give it much thought then. My graduating class of '09 were a good mix of men and women... Fast forward 3.5 years, I'm already seeing about a 30% drop in number of girls working as an industrial designer within my graduating class. Many left to pursue fashion, graphic, marketing, crafts, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that women are not equally treated/paid/respected. I am really, really, discouraged that this is just the reality, and would like to get your thoughts on why this might be the case (so that I myself can better prep to possess all facet of skills in the future). I had some theories of my own... so feel free to tag along as well...”
by smyoung


Tim Cook Announces Plans to Manufacture Mac Computers in USA
We didn't cover Tim Cook's announcement that Apple would invest $100 million in U.S. manufacturing when the news broke in late 2012, but the highly informed folks over at our discussion boards have been chiming in about the decision, both in terms of the tech company's strategy and as a symptom of a broader shift in 'insourcing...'
by scrotum


BMW 4 Series... BMW Is Back!
“Have you seen the new BMW 4 series "concept"? Hopefully this is a thinly veiled production model. The front and rear clips are pretty awesome. The back especially is pretty bad ass. Side view proportions are really nice. Love the mirrors and door handles. I'd love to see those details go to production. My only caveat, and there is always something, is the side vent behind the front wheel. It is better that the Aston Martin inspired stuff everyone else is doing though...”
by victordcantu


Industrial Design and Crime
"I am a recent grad with a bachelor's in Industrial Design and recently received an internship and two freelance jobs. Yes people are happy for me for the hard times with the economy... except myself...

I feel like the world is becoming more and more materialistic with the products we are designing... I come from an inner city were poverty, drugs, gun violence, and gangs is a huge problem. And my own family and friends back home cant afford the products I'm designing. We are designers and we are problem solvers, but I feel like most of the "problems" designers solve, do not seem to be problems in my book...

I am losing interest in the design industry where money matters most. I love being a designer but can an Industrial Designer solve crime? gangs? poverty?”
by coffeekicker


Reasons Not to Innovate
“I was thinking recently about the common road blocks to innovation that we hit. I'd like to know what other ones people have hit and maybe some ways to get around them. Here are the ones I've encountered most:

Competitor bias: My competition hasn't created this product, therefore there is no market for it. This is the biggest by far. Everyone tells me how risky it is to be first to market with a new idea. To me, it always seems as those risks are over-stated to continue the comfy status-quo.

Not invented here: At every job I've had, I've heard marketing, engineering and everybody else look a competitor's product and laugh, "Why'd they do that!?!". Not every idea from outside an organization is a bad one.

Technology bias: This is the way we've done this before, this is the way we do it again. I think this is a close cousin to Not Invented Here. It's amazing to me that people would rather stick with a complicated and expensive design than simplify and lower costs, but they toss up this barrier to it.

Process blindness: Every process for discovering market opportunity has limits. Often people fail to recognize those limits and either miss out on opportunity, or jump into a limited opportunity with both feet.”
by Mr-914


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