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January 2015

Happy New Year!

Like many of you, we're starting 2015 by taking stock of the old and making room for the new. We say goodbye to 2014, a busy year for design with new material developments, the rise of drones and the proliferation of wearable technology while we get Back to the Future.

Our first newsletter of the new year bears tidings of good cheer with a new conversation series from Core77's editor at large, Allan Chochinov, an interview about the future of haptic UI and the quest of one designer to build the perfect spork. And we're just getting started. Besides opening the doors to a new season for the Core77 Design Awards soon, we have a few big surprises for you coming up in 2015 so stay tuned...

Best wishes in the new year!

-Core Jr.

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A roundup of our favorite stories from the past year—from wearable tech to drones, material news to tool storage—here are the ideas and innovations that captured our imagination in 2014. Bonus: The Best Architecture and Design GIFs from 2014!



When Micah Baclig embarked on his senior degree project at the Rhode Island School of Design last year, he wanted to create an object that spoke to the ideals of our modern society. Specifically, Baclig created a compact aluminum spork that he has dubbed Kuma, and which he is now funding on Kickstarter in an effort to do a production run for next year. Kuma is the result of Baclig's insatiable curiosity and fascination with eating utensils—their history, how they work and what cultures created them. "From forks to chopsticks to even our own hands, what we eat with says something about who we are and where we came from," Baclig says.



The British design duo on designers as thinkers, procrastination as preparation and why now is the perfect time to redefine the home.



As part of a new interview series on the Autodesk Foundation's new blog,, Allan Chochinov, Editor at Large of Core77 and Chair of the MFA Products of Design program at SVA discusses impact design and the role of designers in social change with Robert Fabricant, Co-Founder and Principal of the Design Impact Group (DIG) at Dalberg Global Development Advisors. The series, hosted by Core77, will investigate the intersection of design and social innovation. Here, Robert Fabricant shares three of the most vital things to understand about the field of social design.




A conversation with Senic CEO Tobias Eichenwald on 'Flow,' the wireless device that is changing the way we think about hardware and haptic UI.



Don Norman argues for a new approach for using design to address the complex socio-technological systems that characterize our world today.


Good Design Award


Getting organized is the second most popular New Year's resolution, right after losing weight. While having the right products is only one part of making that happen, those products can certainly help. Here's a roundup of posts from 2014, with useful ideas and items for anyone aiming to get organized.




Bart de Graaff
Terschelling, Netherlands

Adrian Gögl
Zurich, Switzerland

Twitch Works
New Delhi, India

Bruno Ishii de Souza
Santo André, Brazil
Barcelona, Spain

Design Jobs


10[x] Fellowship
Mountain View, CA

Chairperson of Industrial Design
Brooklyn, NY

Mobile App Designer
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Assistant Designer, Footwear
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Industrial Design Intern
Orlando, FL

Creative Director, Industrial Design
Everett, WA

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Call for Entries:
SEGD Global Design Awards
Deadline: January 31

Urban Plunge: New Designs for Natural Swimming
Through January 10
London, United Kingdom

Designing Youth
January 15
New York, New York

Maison & Objet Paris
January 23-27
Paris, France

Design Indaba
February 25-27
Cape Town, South Africa

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Forum Frenzy


Favorite Sketching Apps?
"What are your favorite apps (if any) for tablet-based or mobile sketching? What functionalities or tools do you like the most about the app?"
Core77 Editors


Questions on Critiques
"I am currently helping my professors test out several new methods of critiquing. In the past, we have critiqued based on mostly professor feedback given verbally after student presentation. Student feedback is encouraged but often nobody comments. It makes for a long and boring day.

"Thus, I suggested we try more engaging and responsive methods..."
by Dtmoss


Smart Watch Project Feedback
"Hey everyone, I did a smartwatch project for my senior thesis back in the spring called LYNC. I've gotten some feedback on it recently during a couple of interviews and it seems like it could use some improvement. I wanted to get some more opinions on how I can improve the project."
by jarman65


Touchscreen Typing
"I was wondering if anyone has thought that the touchscreen keyboard is counter intuitive?

"I cannot believe that it has been more than 10 years since the touchscreen has become the norm and we still use the touchscreen keyboard to type. It made a lot of sense when the keyboard was physical however it is absolutely nonsense to have it on a screen. So far I have kept my phone with a physical qwerty keyboard as I refuse to use a very sloppy screen keyboard.

"I believe that an amazing idea was the 8pen however for some reason it has not been successful with people and the app was pulled from the appstore. It is very intuitive and with a slight learning curve easy to use. Who did not have difficulty learning to type on a physical keyboard? I am not sure what was the resistance from people?

"What do you think about this matter? Do you know of any apps that facilitate typing on a touchscreen? What have been your experience typing on a touchscreen?"
by paddesign


Visualizing the Design Process
"Hey everyone. The end of the year (and beginning of the new year) is always a great time for reflection. One of the things I was tossing around in my mind was a visual on the design process, as what we do is not necessarily linear in nature. It does however follow a rhythm as we close in on a final solution and I wanted to create something to help me explain what may seem like chaos to the uninitiated.

"Wondering if any of you have done something similar and what has worked or hasn't worked for you?"
by yo


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