ICFF 2004 - New York City

ICFF 2004
The big show at the Javits Center

Fun, upbeat, colorful, playful, experimental, new designs, new concepts. All of this was on display at the Javits Center this year, in marked contrast shows from the past few years which have been much more sober and conservative. It seems that designers and companies are feeling positive about the economy, and are willing to take a few more chances.

Not that this fair is a clearinghouse for experimental design. Indeed, most of it is filled with perfectly executed and pleasing design. But there is not a lot of new ground being broken, aside from the bits and pieces of ideas that make their appearance every now and then.

The overall feeling is that there are signs of life in the domestic design industry, and this is a good thing for everyone after a few long, lean years.

More info: www.icff.com

Metropolis Magazine hosted a great exhibit - "RAW, The Next Generation" - showcasing over 25 up and coming designers. The collection was curated by Marco Pasanella and drew from the "Next Generation" design competition hosted by the magazine. The entries all showed a certain energy, inventiveness and enthusiasm that created a very upbeat space. The strong conceptual underpinnings of the display provided a great starting point for the entire show space, and we'll surely hear from the selected designers again.

"Barnacle" vessel - John Plauché
Part of the RAW exhibition
More info: www.plodes.com

Blank Blank is a new lighting company based in California that produces a series of wall and table lights using repeated, contour shapes of reflective color and light. Simple in construction and concept, the lights have a graceful form and a delightful effect that was a standout in a world of technolcogy, LEDs and task lighting.

Wall sconce - Blank Blank
More info: www.blankblank.net

Wall sconce - Blank Blank

The Furniture Society showed a collection of 15 pieces from their members. Most were high-craft and beautifully hand made, while others were more whimisical.

Slice Rocker - Jeanice Skvaril
More info: www.skvaril.com

Caldera Chair - Cameron P. Van Dyke
More info: www.cameronpvandyke.com

The "Corrupted Classics" collection by John Angelo Benson jolted visitors out of their furniture-numbness by taking icons of modern design and rendering them in impossible materials and ways. The pieces also showed in Milan earlier in the year, and were certainly attention-grabbing in New York.

The Benson Collection of Corrupted Classics - John Angelo Benson
More info: www.JohnAngeloBenson.com

Mio is a one-year old design firm based in Philadelphia. Founded by brothers Jaime and Isaac Salm (profiled here in January), the company makes a variety of housewares and lighting. Focusing on sustainable materials and technologies, the firm has created a cohesive collection of modern objects that push the envelope of expectations on what "sustainale design" can be.

Tangent 3D Walpaper: V2 - Mio
More info: www.mioculture.com

Capsule Light - Mio

Shroom Light - Mio

Esque design glass works, a two-person studio based in Portland, OR, uses a variety of outside influsences and inspirations to create a wide range of home accessories, lighting and architectural detailing. Partners Andi Kovel and Justin Parker are well known in the art and glass world thoughout the US.

Sleeping Light - by Esque
More info: www.esquedesign.com

Sleeping Light, turned off

Stump Votives

3form is a manufacturer of high performance resins. Debuting this year was EcoResin, a translucent material incorporating 40% recycled content, and avaiable with a variety of embedded fibres. For the ICFF, in addition to their contract materials, they showed a collection of contemporary furniture, designed by the French group k_now, made from panels of EcoResin.

EcoResin Furniture concepts - designed by k_now
More info: www.3-form.com

The design school section of the fair is always refreshing. This year there were big-idea projects and lots of very finished work. Two notable examples are shown below.

Lampshade - Jason Cornelius - Cranbrook Academy of Art
More info: www.cranbrook.edu

Street Finder Bench - Dave Block - Pratt Institute
More info: www.pratt.edu

The following images show a variety of the best ideas and objects from around the fair.

Ghost - Jon Russel
More info: www.innermost.co.uk

"Arctic Circle" - Julian Lwin
More info: www.lwindesign.com

"Arctic Circle" - close up

Blink Lenticular Cabinetry - Douglas Homer
More info: www.douglashomer.com

Mod Filing Cabinets - by Glide
A collection of filing cabinets with networked, electronic locks controlled by fingerprint scans and connected wirelessly.
More info: www.glide-inc.com

Inside Skate - by Didi Dunphy for Modern Convenience
More info: www.modernconvenience.com

Rubber Band Bowls - by Elodie Blanchard, and sold by Butter
More info: www.butter-ny.com

Pedestal Table - Joe Doucet, for InToto
More info: www.intotonyc.com

Pedastel Table top patterns - Joe Doucet, for InToto

Tea Lights - Created by designers at Nissan Design America
More info: www.nissannews.com

"Ace" bracelets - Tina Lilenthal

Textile Design - Peggy Bamford

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