Milan Design Week 2004

Designersblock Exhibit

35 exhibitors and two separate shows filled the gallery. Lights, furniture, installations and a swinging livingroom made for an interesting show.

Silkworm seating, with Felix Lighter lamp in background.
By Charlie Davidson

Lamps and a flat deer by the Swedish group Defyra.
Meaning "the four", Defyra is four young women working in Stokholm.

"Grass" lamp - LED in silicone. By f.a.t.

Wall light, by Jessica Shaw of London.

"Her Lamp" by Her House.

"Pod Life" hanging lounge.

LED and rapid prototype process lights.
The "Future Factories" installation by designer Lionel Theodore Dean.

Future Factories detail

Future Factories detail

The Scottish Show was held in the upstairs of the main gallery, and featured work by Scottish designers and companies.

"Ethel" pendant lamp, by OneFootTaller

"Haggis Lamp" by glasvegas

"Castle Bucket" lamp by glasvegas

"The Temple," seating dish by Hill Jephson Robb

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