Take a minute to tell us your thoughts on other less well-known design classics.

Or tell us about the last time you saw a Prestone bottle.

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nikhil from india says:

what about safety pins?

gogo from giga says:


Christine Swendseid from Bozeman, MT says:

OK- what about velcro? It's even used on artificial hearts! And to suspend David Letterman! What an innovation- and not consigned merely to clothing and footwear, either.

Mr. Energy from Hell says:

Somebody should design a bottle that does not require that the user bend their wrist! It is just soooooo inconvenient. Maybe an automatic bottle, huh?

Curly from Boston says:

Fingernail clippers are often overlooked as classic. We need them or need to use them. Except for that gorgeous blond over there!

Tim Pratt from Blacksburg, VA says:

In the Prestone Arena, it's Form vs. Function ...Wait...Oh S#!* It says, "BOTTLE"! I thought it said BATTLE. Well Form wasn't too impressive. As for Function...If it ain't broken, don't fix it!

gil from jerudalem israel says:

my name is gil and i wouid like to know more about your projectgil

surfer j from nyc says:

As a new comer in the workd of container design, I do believe it's a "classic" --- The horizontal handle allows air to backfeed into the container --- thus minimizing dreaded 'glugging". As the the first of its kind, and the multitudes of copies that it inspired --- it is truly a landmark design

Tara from Jakarta says:

brlppp brrrlllp, brlllpp Au ah gelap

design space from atlanta, ga says:

In my trunk. The old radiator, shes gettin tired

drodwell@nucleus,com from Calgary, Canada says:

I'd like some more infomation about the anti-freeze. I don't care if they sell it in a @#$%^saucepan

chris ruf from atlanta says:

a HORIZONTAL handle is more difficult to pour not easier! You have to twist your wrist - painful. A vertical handle is less painful to use because when you pour it you turn it 90░ and support the 6 pounds with your wrist in a horizontal position.

victor zambrano from caracas, venezuela says:

beautiful, useful, yet simple design. that's our job, i guess, but is incredibly stimulant to hear, now and then, stories like this one.

victor zambrano from caracas, venezuela says:

beautiful, useful, yet simple design. that's our job, i guess, but it's surprisingly stimulant to hear (now and then) stories like this one...

joe vallejo from aguascalientes mex. says:

My idea is that bottle dosen┤t considerates ergonomics in his design in the seventies dident exist.

Tom Bosiljevac from bjavex@echo-on.net says:

nice sight

Regular Guy from Seattle says:

I would have to say the bow and arrow set is one of the great all-time classics.

Richard Hennell from England says:

looks like any other bottle to me! Nothing special..

strobus from seattle says:

from a scant distance the Preston bottle resembles a plastic containter of Tropicana orange juice, although the antifreeze is sweater to the palette...

anonymous from anywhere, USA says:

I remember when I had my first bottle of Prestone..... Nearly threw up, but boy did we get drunk

martin from nyc says:

why? because prestone kicks your ass!

filippo from chicago/nyc says:

it doesn't look like it'd be easy to pour. To pour with a full bottle it seems you'd have to torque your wrist and point your elbow to the sky, which wouldn't be comfortable.

WHY?????? from Prestone????who cares???? says:


michael s. from tempe,az says:

the prestone bottle pales in comparison to classics such as the coke bottle

ed from nyc says:

the paper clip is definitely under appreciated. every attempt to redesign it has not even come close to fulfilling the job requirements of holding paper together so well at a low cost

ralph from arkansas says:

last time I a prestone bottle it was being used as a crawdad trap buoy.