Core77's Dutch Master

From Where It Began...

With a nod to New York's Dutch heritage, the Dutch Master acknowledges the reemergence of European city bikes across America and New York City's recent bike-friendly embrace. With its styling from the early 20's, its vintage-inspired graphics on the custom-engraved badge and cable clips, and the Dutch Master cigar references, the bike reinterprets the common object into its premium expression, marrying the best of classic and contemporary.

Core77's approach with this project has been to partner with contemporary U.S. manufacturers who are deeply part of American bike culture, and who make the best in their category. Curated from independent, small manufacturers such as Brooklyn Machine Works and Profile Racing, we've selected pedigreed contemporary brands and lovingly contrasted them with the old-school Worksman—still made in New York.

Core77 was founded in Brooklyn in 1995, and one of the reasons why the bike project is so exciting for us is that it both recognizes the history of the company and celebrates small manufacturing in the area. We are proud to support local businesses like Bushwick Bike Shop, Worksman, and Brooklyn Machine Works, and hope that the project brings attention to their great work.

Built in Bushwick by KT

Bushwick Bike Shop

Former bike messenger turned shop mechanic KT Higgins is celebrating her 1-year anniversary of the bike shop she founded in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. KT's been a bike mechanic in New York for over 10 years, and was formerly a New York bike messenger, most infamous for her crash scene in the indie movie Pedal, a film which shines a spotlight on the bike messenger culture. KT is a DT-certified wheel builder, and all Dutch Master bikes are hand-built by her in her Bushwick shop.

KT is an advocate for Brooklyn community and arts community building, and Core77 is proud to partner with her on the Dutch Master project.

Based on the Worksman

New York's Delivery Bike

The Dutch Master is based on the storied Worksman cruiser frame—a workhorse foundation favored by the New York delivery industries, and manufactured in Queens, New York for over 110 years. Solar panels on the roof of their 100,000 sq. foot factory and headquarters in Ozone Park power 30% of their factory, where their stated goal is to "make the most durable and best industrial bicycles." Worksman is the largest manufacturer of industrial bicycles in the world, and is America's oldest cycle manufacturer.

Worksman is also famed for manufacturing hotdog and ice cream carts, and their Newsboy bike frame, seen on the streets everywhere, is as distinctly New York as the yellow cab.