Meet the components of the Dutch Master

Custom Wheel Build The Dutch Master uses custom-built and dished wheels laced up specifically for the Worksman frame. Watch builder KT Higgins working on the wheel here.

The parts on the Dutch Master have been spec'ed to create a rich melange—the seminal componentry of Sturmey Archer and Brooks, the early BMX products of Profile Racing, mixed with newer classics from Brooklyn Machine Works. Together, they combine to provide high performance and reliability, lightening the bike while increasing its strength and durability. Here are some of the highlights:

Industrial strength Worksman Newsboy frame The basis of it all is the Worksman Newsboy: a rugged steel frame with straight-gauge tubing that withstands the harshest of abuse. We've taken this classic frame and customized it to accommodate modern componentry, adding a premium finish and paint job on top.

Schwalbe "Fat Frank" cruiser tires Vintage cream balloon tires provide suspension right where it should be—on the road. This bike will roll over anything that comes in your path. It's got an extremely smooth disposition, but eats curbs for breakfast.

Brooklyn Machine Works pedals and stem These are CNC machined from solid chunks of aluminum; the pedals provide extreme grip, the stem is indestructible.

Sturmey Archer brakes The venerable drum-brake manufacturer provides virtually maintenance-free reliability in a sealed housing impervious to weather conditions or slick roads.

Profile Racing chain ring and seat clamp Milled aluminum parts from one of the original BMX component manufacturers fits nicely with the Dutch Master look and feel.

Portland Design Works Dapper Dan grips We've hand-dyed the Dapper Dan leather grips to just the right shade, providing you with unparalleled feel and a great patina.

Surly 1x1 fork The High-performance, light-weight 1x1 mountain fork provides proper space for those fat tires.

Brooks B-17 saddle From a company just 16 years older than Worksman (1882!) comes a leather seat that will last you a lifetime. It molds to your unique anatomy, and wears beautifully over time.

Hand-built wheels with DT Swiss spokes Each Dutch Master wheel is hand-built and is laced with lightweight, high-performance DT Swiss Spokes.

SUNRinglé Freeride rims Light-weight and tough, they're built for rough play.

BMX crankset, foot pegs, brake levers High-performance BMX parts provide great functionality and some nice filigree.

Custom Core77 cable clips and headtube badge We designed and fabricated exclusively for the Dutch Master these photo-etched stainless steel elements with vintage-style graphics and distinctive brand messaging. Can you spell Breuckelen? Yup...that's the original name of the borough.